Monday 30 November 2009

17 again

The train now approaching Platform 17 is the 4pm Intercity from
In order to join the train, passengers should have all visa information checked - here is mine:
It's 1975 and I am 17. I live in Old Harlow in Essex. I am in the 6th form at school and having the time of my life!

My hair colour is auburn
My hair style is in a page boy bob with the sides flicked back
My favourite brand of makeup is Miners
My "fashionable" item is a black velvet jacket with diamante brooches and Brutus jeans with the embroidered panel on the back
My favourite outfit is a Laura Ashley maxi dress
I drive an Austin Allegro on my driving lessons.
On a Saturday I go shopping either to Harlow Town or Chelmsford on the bus.
On a Saturday night I either go to the free concerts at Harlow Town Park in the summer or parties
On a Sunday I do my homework
Monday-Friday I go to Mark Hall Secondary School
My best friend is Jill Spinks
My favourite place to go out is anywhere with my boyfriend
My favourite subject at school is Needlework
When I grow up I want to be a journalist
My favourite drink is Martini and lemonade
My favourite food is Chinese Sweet and Sour Chicken and Spring Rolls
My favourite shop is Chelsea Girl
I want to marry David Essex
My favourite actor/actress is Robert Redford
My favourite band/singer is David Essex or anything Motown. That new band Queen aren't too bad either
My favourite TV programme is Happy Days
The one thing I want to do but can't is swim
My most used mode of transport is walking (until I pass my driving test aged 17 and 10 months)
If I had all the money in the world I would travel the world and buy a sports car - ready for when I pass my test!
I wish I could visit my penfriend in America
My favourite sport is watching other people play sports! I am so unsporty! but if made to in PE lessons, I will play volleyball
This fall/autumn I will go into the Upper 6th at school
At Halloween I didn't dress up. We don't celebrate Halloween much in England
I recently saw One Flew over the Cuckoos Nest and thought it was really good
I am reading lots of books for my English Literature A level and HATE Joseph Conrad's 'Nostromo'
The big newspaper story this year is England staying in Europe, and Margaret Thatcher becoming leader of the Conservative party.
What's that? You want to check my photo? OK, well here it is -

Can I get on? Thanks! Hey you guys, great to see you, is this seat taken? OK, the whistle is blowing and we now have to get to the next stop to pick up Christy . We should get to her by about 1990, so settle down for a long journey, I'm not that good on Geography but I think we're heading over the Atlantic to North Carolina!


Sian said...

Now I'm singing Abba too! I loved martini and lemonade too..we used to ask for a "martini and white" because brown lemonade was a popular drink too. I'm glad you enjoyed being 17. Wasn't it just grand!

Liberty :) said...

Real cute photo!!

Gennifer said...

Great post!

Jools said...

Aahhh Robert Redford! Liked David Essex too.

Thanks for sharing Debs.

Nadine said...

I did consider being a journalist once
but that was before I was 17. (:

thanks for sharing!

scrappyjacky said...

OMG....I'd forgotten all about Chelsea Girl....I used to love that shop.Great post.

Jay said...

Great blog post. Did you get to marry David then? Heehee.

humel said...

Oh, so interesting :-) Thanks os much for sharing! x

Becky said...

With you on the spring rolls! Loved your post :)

Denise said...

Oh the memories, I used to go to Harlow on the bus too and do you remember those Biba posters of the girl with the purple lips -I so wanted to be her! Oh and I'm with you on the David Essex too -great post xx

Helen Overton said...

Great post and I love the photo!

Sara said...

Great photo and lovely post.
Sara x

Christy said...

Oooh, I like ABBA, too! Loved your post! :)

Beverly said...

ahhh I had lots of competition when it came to Robert Redfoed ;) Loved you post and pic!

Amy said...

Great post Deb - love to hear the snippets of your life!

Anonymous said...

I'm rockin' the Abba with you! Love reading about you!

Laura :)