Tuesday 17 November 2009

The Weakest Link

Oh please don't let it be me! I've joined the Round the World blog group and am now very worried about letting the side down. I'm sure it will be fine but I've never posted something to be published at a specified time so I am going to experiment with this one. Hopefully it will show up on the blog at 8pm tonight even though it is earlier than that now.

So anyway, back on planet Shimelle we have been told to do a post about something we will scrapbook later but I have a bit of a twist on that, I've not got a picture I am going to scrapbook, but I have a selection of edgings waiting to be used in some artistic way.

While I was at the crop on Sunday there was a brief period of time between finishing my 2nd layout and the raffle being drawn. Now I may not have been a big lottery winner, but I have been lucky at the Crafty Stash crops (something to do with millions of people doing the lottery and only about 25 at the crop?).

So I spent a little time and a bit of money on a few 'essentials' from the lovely array of goodies Sue had brought with her and then I spied a basket of cutters. Now, I only have one edge cutter and it's about 2" long and only works on paper so to have the opportunity to have a little play on some very posh, intricate ones was too much to resist. I collected together some decent sized offcuts from the papers we had been using and did a selection of fancy edgings.

My only dilemma now is how best to use them. Suggestions?

PS Good job I stayed for the raffle, I won a lovely 12 x 12 fancy template - Thanks Sue!

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