Sunday 24 January 2010

End of the weekend

You know, I can't quite get used to working on a Monday. For 8 years I've worked part time but never on a Monday. In September I was asked to increase my hours and to come in for 4 hours on a Monday. And it still takes me by surprise on a Sunday night when I realise I've got to get up early the next day!
We almost booked a holiday yesterday. Even got as far as sitting in Thomas Cook. But we can't quite decide where to go or what to do. We had almost decided to go on a cruise, decided on a route and everything. Then actually priced it up. Blimey they are expensive! To be honest, I quite like having a couple of short breaks in the year as well as a week or so away and if we went for the cruise, that would be it for the year. So that is on the back burner.
Back to the drawing board. We have to go in school holidays as I work in the office of a secondary school. My husband doesn't 'do' extreme heat and I don't 'do' activity holidays. We need somewhere where the sun will be shining, preferabley a nice beach, good food, pretty scenery. Photo opportunities for serious scrapping on my return. Somewhere with a bit of local charm and atmosphere. Anybody any recommendations?!


Denise said...

I know of a lovely place in Portugal that meets all those requirements, a friend has a house and an apartment there :-) !!xxx

humel said...

Good luck... Ooh, how about the Tyrol? We went there last summer. It didn't get too hot, we were up in the mountains so the scenery was amazing, we were by a lake so although we didn't get beach we did get something close to it, and there was absolutely no pressure to climb any of those mountains!! There were cable cars up two of them so you could get some cool photos and pretend you climbed... ;-)

scrappyjacky said...

We were lucky enough to go on a cruise 3 years ago and just loved it...the perfect agents tend to have the most expensive'll find much cheaper on the internet...or last minute deals.

Sian said...

I think that Jacky is right there, Deb. If it's the two of you going and you aren't too fussy about where your cabin is situated, you will get much cheaper last minute deals on the internet for a cruise.
Mind you, Portugal is beautiful too and very cheap for eating out. It's really worth checking out.

Liberty :) said...

Do a Thomson cruise they are really worth it if you go all inclusive, don't need many extra spends then too. It's amazing, you'll never go back to a hotel! Try the internet for better prices, or teletext, the estate agents are awful.