Friday 1 January 2010

New Years Good Intentions

Historically, I'm not that efficient at keeping New Years Resolutions. Maybe I'm just a rule breaker at heart! So this year I'm going to have good intentions instead. So much room for improvement, where to start?

Well I guess that a good place to start will be health related. I should intend to not eat chocolate on a daily basis. Get outside more and go for more walks. Eat more fruit.
Then to use my spare time more constructively. I am prone to squandering spare time, I am easily distracted, go into town to do a supermarket shop, pop into a clothes shop for a browse ... next thing you know I only have 10 mins left on my parking ticket and I just rush into Sainsburys, buy random items to put into tonights dinner and vow to do better tomorrow. So, my intention is to use my spare time more craftily (if you know what I mean!) and also to try at least one new recipe a month. I can see I will be popping over to Mel's blog for some help on this one!
So, day one and I've got both categories covered and the proof of this is in the photo above. Our local church in the January sunshine. Don't you just love the quirkiness of the monkey puzzle tree? I'm going to try and get out and do a monthly photo on the first of each month. Hopefully I will remember! It was such a lovely morning for a walk today. I had the tiniest of headaches following a night of eating, drinking and merry making and we didn't get home until 3am. I'm too old for all night partying but hey - once a year and all that! The sun was shining, the frost was melting and my head was clearing. We got as far as the local farm and had to divert around the public footpaths owing to the presence of a rather angry looking goose barring our normal route. DH didn't seem any keener to walk past it than I was, it was making quite a racket. Up around the field and we were then at possibly the highest point of the area. Suddenly, an icy wind came across the fields, and you know that pain between your eyebrows when you eat a particularly cold mouthful of icecream? Brain freeze, isn't that what it's called? Well that is what I felt as we walked rather briskly downhill to the shelter of the churchyard. It's almost as if I was being punished for laughing at DH for the silly wooly Spurs hat he was wearing. And what's more, he refused to let me wear it for the rest of the way home. Men!


scrappyjacky said...

I love the good much better than resolutions...a lot more forgiving....good luck with them.

Rachel Brett said...

Yes I like the idea of intentions rather than resolutions, just have to think of some now!

Amy said...

You are off to a good start - I'm thinking I might try 12 on the 12th, a little like you photo on the first.

Sian said...

I'll be looking out for those photos! Glad you had a good night and best of luck with everything in 2010