Sunday 10 January 2010

Healthy Eating

Hands up all those people who like chocolate. Now, hands up if you like chocolate brownies. And again, who likes chocolate muffins? If you found yourself answering 'yes' to all of those questions, then boy are you going to enjoy these! Remember how I was going to try a new recipe every week? And work my way through the cupcake cookery book I had for Christmas? Well this is what found it's way into my oven yesterday. Quite simply the BEST chocolate brownie/muffin recipe I have ever tried. If you are not on a New Year diet and want to try them too, let me know and I will post the recipe!


humel said...

Oh, YUM!! I'm sooo not a diet lol... Eating more healthily, sure, but that doesn't mean cutting out all tasty goodies! Please share!! xx

Gemma* said...

oooh, they look yummy . . . (licks lips in anticipation!)

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh yes, please do post the recipe! The kids are studying for finals this weekend and could use a nice homebaked treat, I think.