Tuesday 5 January 2010

It's getting there

Many thanks to all suggestions and advice given re blog header, I think there's been a slight improvement - basically I needed to resize my picture by pixels rather than measurements. It has gone slightly out of sharp focus but I think I can live with that for a little while! Sadly I don't have Photoshop as I think that is what was really needed, but you live and learn.
To all those with children who were reluctant to go back to school yesterday, can I please reassure them that the staff would have been feeling the same! It was so hard to go back. I thought I had left things in an orderly fashion, I'd even left myself notes on what needed to be done. Letters stored on the computer post dated to 4 January etc (I am school secretary not teacher!) but I was hit by beginning of term-itis and let's just say it took a little while for my brain to defrost. Thank goodness I only work until 12.30 on a Monday! Highlight of the morning? - opening my new 2010 Brad Pitt calendar to hang on the wall. At least I have a nice view now ;-)


humel said...

Oh, I soooo relate!! I was NOT overjoyed to be back in the classroom yesterday.... Thank goodness I'm only part-time, this week I only had to do Monday and I have the rest of the week off (to do all the other jobs I've been neglecting!!)

Abi said...

ahh I'm so sorry Debs! I'm very lucky cos we are private we go back a week later so I go back sunday evening as I am a boarder! BUT..that saying we do have saturday school, which is awful! ha ha! btw, I really like your blog header, don't worry, blogger confuses me so much, I spent hours yesterday trying to get a new background only to discover it didn't save grrr...! anyway, hope school is alright today enjoy looking at the calender! xxxx

Rachel Brett said...

I went back yesterday too, We had an awful lot of absences though!Thank goodness I had an early finish!

Amy said...

We've got till the start of February until school returns - well, there is one half day on the 28th for testing but then we are back full time on the 1st .... won't be long until I have to organise shoes, haircuts and lunch boxes again!
Brad should help to ease your pain!

Maria Ontiveros said...

It was definitely tough going heading back - especially the return of homework!