Saturday 2 January 2010

Off to a good start

Prepare to be impressed ... Day two of the new year and I am already keeping my new year intentions. Here's the proof of new recipe experimentation. My son's girlfriend gave me a cookery book purely on 'Cupcakes' for Christmas and there are so many I want to try. They are not traditional British cupcakes, more American muffins but hey, who am I to quibble? This little beauty is a carrot and walnut cupcake. Naturally, cooks perks mean that I have had to sample one and I have to say it tasted pretty good!
Today marks the start of an annual quest. The holiday project. Trying to find something that ticks all of both of our boxes and is somewhere we haven't been before. This is not easy. My ideal holiday involves sunshine, sun loungers, lots of books and not moving far. My husband doesn't like too much heat, gets bored easily and likes to explore. You see my problem?! Before our children were born I worked for a holiday Tour Operator and so we have visited many European destinations. We have got into a routine of having a couple of holidays abroad and a UK weekend break each year and yesterday I dropped a suggestion into the ring. May half term holiday. Italy. Southern Italy. Neapolitan Riviera. Lovely hotels. Interesting towns. Early summer. I think I have his interest ... (I also have brochures!)


Amy said...

All sounds very enviable to me Deb! We are so isolated here in Australia - southern Italy sound magnificent - we have the same problem with choosing holidays though!
Mmmm, yummy cupcakes - not going to look though because I'm trying to be a good girl at the moment.

scrappyjacky said...

I agree with Amy...they look so yummy....but I'm trying very hard to be good.
Southern Italy sounds perfect.... and beautiful weather that time of year...not too hot for hubby...but hot enough for you to enjoy.

Sian said...

Brochures are good! Have you ever done any cruising? We've kept everyone happy a couple of times with that. Those cupcakes look delicious.