Friday 12 February 2010

Card #2

Now I've dipped my toe into the scrapbooking world, I've come across many people who are very talented at cards. I've been checking out this blog particularly. Jacky does such beautiful cards, pure works of art and it will clearly take me many a year to reach those dizzy heights. However, I am inspired to have a go at card making, it's a logical progression - right? So my first effort was last weekend when I made one for a friend of ours. Tough call, first card and it was for a middle aged man. No glitter or flowery business and it wasn't until I had handed it over that I realised I hadn't photographed it for posterity. "Remember when this was the best I could do?" etc. So this afternoon I have done this card for my aunt.

Now it's not fancy or clever but I needed something that was fairly plain but pretty. You see, my aunt lost the sight in one eye and 75% of the sight in the other about 35 years ago so she can't see anything fussy. I hope that the texture of the layered flower and the ribbon will appeal to her and I know she will like the pretty lilac colour. I even managed to get some glitter going on!

I think I need to invest in a stamp or two to get this card making going. Does anyone have any suggestions on some characters that would be quite versatile? At this point I do have to admit to being a student of the Scruffy School of Stamping. So something that will not easily smudge will be good! The only stamping I have done is on a few Christmas cards I made this year, snowmen are very forgiving! Come on girls, I have a whole week of half term to fill!


Sian said...

Sorry, I am absolutely no help when it comes to stamping or card making! But I love the thought you've put into this card and it sounds perfect for her.

humel said...

Yay, well done :-) I love stamping but I'm hopeless when it comes to advice, sorry - Jacky is your best bet there I think :-) Ooh, one possible tip! You can get foam stamps that you can use with acrylic paints or inks, swirls and such like, and they tend to have a decent surface area and to look quite good even when uneven! I like foam stamps for that reason... ;-)

K said...

oooo, That is a beautiful card!
Choose stamps that you can cut the piccy out after stamping :) Works for me

Maria Ontiveros said...

That card is great! I think the key to stamping is practice, like most everything else I guess.
Hero Arts is a great

Maria Ontiveros said...

Ooops. . . pushed enter too soon. I also like stamps that come in a set, so you get a few images and some greeting together.

scrappyjacky said...

Thank you so much for your lovely comments.I do think cardmaking + scrapbooking go well together...I made cards before I scrapped, but now my style has been really influenced by scrapping...and I make cards in a similar way.
It's difficult to advise on stamps...because it's so much down to individual taste...though I agree with Rinda on Hero Arts being great...and sets are really good value.I love Magnolia Tildas [as you may have noticed!!] but they are on the 'cute' side.I've just bought some Crafty Individuals stamps...I love them..but am finding them quite hard to stamp clearly with.If you look at a site like or you'll see a really good range of stamps to choose from.

scrappyjacky said...

I also meant to pleased you've started cardmaking as well...and it's a really lovely card.

Pretty-In-Ink said...

Hi, I clicked on your link on the message that you left for Jacky as you said you didn't like looby loo.
I'd never seen it on telly, but I had a looby loo doll when I was young she was one of my faves and had really long stripey legs! I've still got her! and she has patches on her feet, where they were so long they used to drag along the floor! I was just wondering if this is what the telly caracter looked like, or have I totally got the wrong Looby Loo?!!
Anyway I'm glad I clicked on the link your card is beautiful and so special because so much thought went into it for your Aunt.
I haven't looked through your blog yet to see what your scrapping style is but I think that you should go for simple timeless stamps to start off with.
I agree with humel that swirls would be great and maybe some simple shapes like hearts and flowers, would suit a scrapper/cardmaker you could use them for both then.
When I first started out I
loved studio G stamps they are around 99p each and have simple designs.
I look forward to seeing your future makes!

Amy said...

It's lovely Deb - I'm not much help for you though. I'm sure she'll love it - it sounds as though you'd better get the shelving done if you are to delve into the world of cardmaking and stamping .... more lovely supplies!

Rachel Brett said...

I'm not much help either I'm afraid Deb, But I do think it is a lovely card.

Jennifer Grace said...

Hi Deb,
The card looks lovely I'm sure she appreciated it a lot. I don't use stamps much on my cards but when I do they tend to be DO Crafts (, they have a good selection and are quite reasonably priced. The website has loads of project ideas and a customer gallery too.
I look forward to seeing more of your cards!