Thursday 3 February 2011

The time has come ...

... and I have to (reluctantly) pass on the book that I adopted from Sian.  It is called 'Inner Excavation' - Explore your self through photography, poetry and mixed media.  There's a picture of it on my post here and I have to say that I have really enjoyed reading it and dipping in and out of the chapters.  Even though I have no great knowledge of poetry I enjoyed learning how to match words with pictures and I feel that I can carry this through when adding journalling to my pages.  Her suggestions for photographing subjects and methods have been really good and I've learnt how to look at subjects in different ways.
So - in the spirit of 'Pass the Book' I'm now supposed to say who this book would appeal to.  Well let the book answer that, here is a paragraph from towards the end.
' The people I have met through art retreats and through my blog - people who started out as 'online friends' who have become deep, real, true friends are my creative circle.  They are the people I turn to when I am stuck or need support or just want to brainstorm the new crazy idea brewing inside of me.  The truth is that they live all around the world, so getting together to create for a day or weekend just doesn't happen as often as I would like.  Perhaps you experience this as well.  Maybe your closest creative friends are a phone call/email away instead of a short drive.'
Does anyone out there associate with that?  Then this book is for you! 
If you would like to be the next adoptee - just leave me a comment here by Wednesday 9th February and I will draw a name the following day.
(of course if no one comments, I could get to keep it forever ........!)


humel said...

Me! It would appeal to me! *jumps up and down waving arm in the air, knowing that teachers are always more likely to pick people who do that - NOT!*

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to her miss - listen to ME, ME, ME, ME!

scrappyjacky said...

Ignore them....listen to me....this book sounds great....would love a turn with it.

Cheri said...

You didn't even really get any of those other comments. They don't exist.

I have been WAITING (and not necessarily patiently) for you to be ready to pass this book. I think it is MY TURN to get one and this one appeals to me in ways I can't begin to describe! You know you want to pick me. Resistance is futile.

Remember, this is the only comment you got. There are no others. I win. ;)

Sian said...

Ha! These are fab comments - and I do hope it gets round to every one who wants it!

I liked your write up too :)

Ginger said...

Lots of competition here! When I receive this book I too will sit and enjoy, leaving the housework for another day!