Monday 17 June 2019

TGIF on a Monday

Trying to mix things up a bit this Monday and am posting TGIF thoughts instead of the usual Me on Monday.  You can learn more about this particular TGIF idea here.  Trusting, Grateful, Inspired and Fun.  A great set of sentiments to start off the week!

This week I am

That the weather reports for the next few days may be true and that a couple of days of drier weather is on the cards.  We are off to Norfolk for a short break with Coco and my vision of lovely dog walks along the North Norfolk coast does not include blustery wind, torrential rain, umbrellas, raincoats, wellies and very wet dogs.

That our daughter in law's test results show that she probably hasn't inherited the heart condition that her mother and aunt have.  She will still be closely monitored when she goes into labour but thankfully everyone in the maternity unit will be aware of any possible complications.

To do some more knitting.  If only we knew whether we had a new grandson or new granddaughter on the way I could start knitting an appropriately coloured blanket!  Not long to wait now though.

Looking forward to Sophie's baby shower this weekend - she knows nothing about it so it will be a lovely surprise for her!

Are you feeling TGIF on a Monday?  


Ruth said...

Gosh, there's quite a lot going on here ... fingers crossed for both good weather in Norfolk and the test results.
And a baby shower - how lovely!
You'll have to knit a blanket in baby neutral colours - lemon, maybe?

Patio Postcards said...

Lovely TGIF mix up. Exciting times for you, a new babe, glad to hear that your DiL doesn't have a heart condition. I'm with Ruth, a beautiful lemon yellow or lovely meadow green blanket ... no wait those are colours I'd like ...

Enjoy your days away - more ideas for the SPSH I'm sure can be found.

Barbara Eads said...

That's a nice and condensed way to share some of your life! said...

So sorry that your daughter have inherited the heart issues. Lauren is wearing a halter monitor right now for her heart issues during pregnancy. Worrisome to be a mommy when our daughters have troubles.

Can't wait to see a pic or two from the shower. Love surprises like that...for others. I feel shy when I am surprised.

I think you could do a lovely genderless blanket in yellows, aqua, peach and green, maybe? Whatever you create, will be a gift of love.