Monday 1 July 2019

TGIF on a Monday

Carrying on the alternative version of TGIF - this Monday I am ...

That Sophie's baby will have stayed in the 'right' position after having been turned from breech at the hospital last week.

That the weather has been so lovely over the last few days.  We had friends over on Friday night and were able to sit out in the garden until almost midnight.

To find something a bit different for decorations when we have people over for an Italian themed evening in a few weeks.  I already have Venetian masks for everyone, but they need a bit of 'tweaking' with feathers and embellishments.

Tried a new app to record one second every day - called (would you believe it, 1 second everyday)


Patio Postcards said...

Oh yes let's hope baby is in position for an easier birth. An Italian night theme with masks - oh that does sound like fun.

Ruth said...

Can I come round for the Italian evening, please?

Fingers crossed baby stays in the correct position!

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

Italian themed?? I'm assuming there will be some fabulous food too!! Too bad we can't join you!!

Susanne said...

Oh that app looks like fun, but I am so dreadfully terrible at routines and repetitive daily tasks that are optional. I swore I would do a sentence a day in July, and I am already waffling on it on Day 1.

alexa said...

Intrigued by the app - is this one that puts the images all together like a video by the end of the month? Admiring your enterprise and know-how! My god-daughter (expecting ten days after my own daughter) has just been told her little one is breech and is going to have to fly from Orkney to Aberdeen for the team to have a go at turning it - so am very relieved to hear that it works! Crossing my fingers for her - I think you and me are both about to be grandmothers for the third time :). Your Italian evening sounds fun!