Monday 29 July 2019

A very special TGIF on a Monday

Headline news:

I think I could fit all four categories around the news that our newest grandchild arrived on Thursday!  One week overdue and weighing in at 9lb - what a whopper!  Baby Max chose the hottest day ever on record in the UK to enter this world - thank goodness for air conditioned delivery suites in hospitals.

So without further ado

That our son and daughter in law will soon put a photo of their son on social media so that I can share a picture too - I don't feel I can put his photo on Instagram or Facebook until they have.  #hurryupJonandSophie 

for the expert care and attention from all the staff at The Rosie Maternity Unit in Cambridge.  Baby Max had a few complications when he arrived (he had swallowed meconium) and he was swiftly taken into the Neo natal intensive care unit where he was immediately looked after.  He was moved into the normal post natal ward on Saturday so is now next to his mummy, which is where all little baby boys should be!

Now we know we have a new baby boy to love - I can finally start thinking about knitting that blanket.

Thank goodness I was organised in advance for our Italian evening, as we had to squeeze in a visit to Cambridge and an hour's visiting into the afternoon before everyone arrived so I lost 3 hours out of my day!  A good excuse to raise a glass to celebrate Max's arrival and after a glass of prosecco I was able to relax and enjoy the evening.  

Forgot to take a photo before everyone got here so this is me, the morning after, feeling a little jaded!

It was a lot of fun, and I guess everyone had a good time as no one went home until 1.20 am which is WAY past my bedtime!  


Patio Postcards said...

Wonderful news to start a Monday morning. Welcome Max to this world. Congratulations to all. Your mask is so pretty.

Jodie's Touch of Style said...

What a wonderful excuse to get knitting Deb!! Congrats!!

alexa said...

I am just catching up, having been away, and thrilled to read your news! Welcome to Max, and so glad to read all is well, despite the initial hiccups. That's a lovely photo of you both :). Hoping your really enjoy grandmotherhood.