Monday 21 October 2019

On the mend

I'm not saying that it's been a very long time since I left the house, but when as I reversed my car off the drive this morning, I noticed that a spider had spun a web over the lens of my reversing camera lens!  That gave me a bit of a shock when it showed up on the screen.
Boy did it feel good to be out.  Who knew that a grocery trip to Waitrose could be a highlight to a day?  So it seems the second batch of antibiotics like me more than the first ones did and I can finally see progress.  Hooray!

One good thing to come out of my enforced home confinement was that I have finished another of the traffic light hats

and have today started on the yellow one

With thanks to Snapchat for giving me a bit of colour to my poor washed out complexion!

Hair cut day on Wednesday and I cannot wait - I really need a bit of self care and a hair cut and a few highlights should make me look a bit better too. The trouble is that I've felt so poorly that I am now feeling 'Right, I am fed up with looking and feeling like this, let's do something different' which could go very wrong or it could be just the boost I need.  What do you think?

Watch this space ...


Patio Postcards said...

I like your snapchat floral crown. Ah yes a change is as good as a rest or so my Gran use to tell me. I'm at that same hair point - I want something different but what?! Yes I'll watch this space to see what changes you have made. I like the little go green hat. said...

I think whatever you come home with from the salon will be fresh and fun and lovely on you. I am beginning to get frustrated with the growing out of my color. To this point my highlights have helped to keep it from being so noticeable but they are growing out and I am striped horizontally and vertically now.

So glad you are feeling better. You have had a rough go this month. Hoping your MIL is well and 'behaving' - not falling!! And the kids are well, too.

Darling stoplight hat. Love that shade of green. Like apple green. Vibrant.

Don't overdo until you are completely recuperated, my friend.

Ruth said...

I'm reading back to front, so I know you're feeling better ... am only sorry you were hit so hard by such a nasty bug.