Thursday 10 October 2019

Who needs aerobic classes?

Every Tuesday afternoon Rosie takes me to her Baby Sensory class.

Apparently it's the best place to go to get to know people by poking them in the eye.  This seems to be the main method of greeting other small children, crawl towards them, push yourself into sitting position, reach out - and poke them in the eye.  They all seem to do it and hopefully it's something she will grow out of before she gets into trouble.

I am the only grandparent there.  All the rest are much, much younger than me (by about 30 years!) but are very friendly and welcoming.  Rosie is in the upper limit of the age group - it's aimed at 6 - 13 months old.  The younger ones who can't yet sit up are sitting targets for finger poking as they lay prone on the floor and I'm getting quite fast at crawling across the floor to retrieve Rosie before finger meets eye ball.  

It really is good exercise for everyone and I'm sure I use up as many calories as Rosie does.  Yesterday, however I think I was pushed to my limit.

"Today we are going to stimulate our babies' senses by swinging them through the air"

I looked at Rosie, and wondered a) how much she weighed and b) how much swinging was going to be involved.  Oh she loved it alright.  Picked her up, got her into a Superman position, swing to the right, swing to the left, now up in the sky, now down to the ground, right, left, up, down ...

"Wasn't that fun?  Shall we do it again?"

What?  Again?  I was just congratulating myself on surviving what was probably the most difficult work out I've done in years, and now she wants me to do it again?  Rosie's endorphins may have been flowing but poor nanny was feeling knackered.  Oldest adult there + chunkiest baby = I'm going to ache tomorrow.

It'll take me six days to recover just in time for the next session - wish me luck!


Patio Postcards said...

Oh Deb what a marvelous Granny you are (1) for being there (2) giving the swinging a go. I would think that the instructor would have had more awareness - maybe she needs a little participant awareness (col).

Ruth said...

Hahaha, I'm laughing so much at picturing you helping Rosie to fly! I do hope that Rachel appreciates you! What a fantastic granny! said...

Bless your heart! Your arms are going to look sensational after a couple of these workouts with your little chunk. You are such a devoted grandmother. I am sure Rosie adored every minute.