Friday 18 October 2019

What came next

'What's next?' I asked in my last post.  There were a lot of negative things going on and we were all hopeful that things would start to get better.

We were wrong.

My cough and cold got worse so I went to the doctors and he said I had a bad chest infection and sinusitis.  He prescribed antibiotics. Surely now I would start to get better?

Wrong.  The side effects of the antibiotics were far worse than the symptoms I had gone to see the doctor with.  So much so that after two days of taking them I had to call the surgery to ask for a call back appointment.  The doctor who called said I should stop taking them, give my body 24 hours for them to get out my system and she faxed across a new prescription to the pharmacy.  I must be honest and say I've given myself 48 hours before starting the new ones today - fingers crossed.  I don't often have antibiotics (last time was 2014 apparently) but I have had these ones before so I'm hoping I'll be ok with them.

Mother in law stayed in hospital until yesterday.  Apart from old age, there really is very little wrong with her, she's had CT scans and daily blood tests and all seem ok.  So Paul went to pick her up and take her home, she has a care package set up so will have carers pop in three times a day so he waited for the carer to arrive and then came home.  Within an hour of him arriving home she called to say she'd had a fall and couldn't get up.  Back he went.  Turns out the carer washed up a mug and plate and left it draining on the side.  MIL could not bear the thought of her kitchen being 'cluttered up' with all that washing up not put away and had gone in to dry it up.  She's been in bed for the last 2 weeks, hardly getting up at all and her legs simply don't have the strength to stand up unaided for any amount of time.  Let's see what today brings ...

On Tuesday we were woken by Coco running up and downstairs at 2am so I went down to let her out and guess what?  She's got an upset stomach too!  Scrambled egg and poached chicken for her for a couple of days.  Then yesterday I had Rosie and Leo for the day and Leo had decorated some Minnion cupcakes, left one too close to the side of the table, Coco thought it was her birthday and swallowed the little cake in one gulp.  Quickly escorted outside as it was obvious that the cupcake was never going to be digested and sure enough, back it came, still in one piece.

Let's just say that looking after these two munchkins at times this week have been the one thing guaranteed to make me smile

This young chap went to his first fancy dress party last weekend

And this young lady enjoyed discovering Snapchat with me

Right- it's a new day, and let's see if I can find anything TGIF to mention.

Trusting that these new antibiotics will kill the germs in my body and not try to poison me like the first ones did

Grateful for the care shown to MIL in hospital and the speedy way in which the NHS have been able to sort out a package of care in the hope that she can remain in her own home as long as possible.

Inspired to just sit, relax, get the wool out and start on my next traffic light hat

Fun this one's harder, I think the most fun I can anticipate in the next few days is watching this weekend's Strictly Come Dancing.  What a good bunch of celebrities they have this year.


Patio Postcards said...

Oh Deb sorry to hear of all these things happening at once to you. Not fun. My fingers & all other body parts that are crossable, are in hopes of a speedy recovery & no side affects. Poor Coco but thankfully he threw up rather than let it work its horrors through his whole system!!

You are definitely the sandwich generation; carrying for an older parent & caring for grandchildren, you are the centre filling of that sandwich. I wish for you a relaxing, healing weekend. :) said...

We are experiencing a similar bout of bad fortune or difficult times. Hope that you have begun the new antibiotics and that they are doing the trick to get you back to health.

Poor Coco! He must have inhaled that cupcake for it to come back up intact. Wow! Had a dog, a Siberian Husky, once climb on the dining room table while I was in the kitchen, grab the holiday ham and run off with it.

So sorry about your MIL's difficulties. Glad they didn't find anything wrong in the hospital. Sounds so much like my mom, jumping up to do something silly straight out of the hospital. My mom, knock on wood, hasn't had a fall in weeks. Hallelujah.

Wishing you a healthy, quiet week.

Ruth said...

Still reading out of sequence - you and yours really have been through it of late and am hoping things are back on an even keel for all of you.