Thursday 17 December 2020

A standing up post

 Every now and again my body reminds me that I'm not as young as I used to be and yesterday it decided I needed a reminder.  Which is explains why I will not be sitting down to type up the whole of this post!  

Yesterday was our day for caring for Max, and his car seat had been left in Paul's car.  So I decided that I wouldn't wait for Paul to come back from walking Coco to move it back into mine, I would do it myself.  As I have done dozens of times before.  Child car seats are heavy nowadays, totally different to those we thought were safe in the late 80s and 90s.  Plus they come in two parts, with a heavy 'isofix' base to put in the car first.  Anyway, you can fill in the missing bits can't you?  I got the isofix in ok, but the seat refused to sit into the runners that hold it firmly to the base.  It took more than a few attempts to seat all four corners of the seat into the base and after a few twists and turns with a heavy, cumbersome car seat in the back of a mini my back said 'enough is enough', spasmed and spent the rest of the day complaining.  After an hour's round trip driving to get Max and bring him home I was in agony and although it may be a teensy bit better today, I can't sit down for any length of time without sounding like a 90 year old when I try to stand up again.  I'm sure with a bit of rest, gentle movement and a bit of TLC it will improve a little bit every day - no Zumba for me today though! 

So let's have a cheerful face to brighten our days shall we?  Something that also fits in with the Winter Photo Hunt - number 16 A Face

He's a happy little fellow isn't he?  There's a gingerbread man trail around town at the moment and he is on guard in front of the toy shop.  You can see how empty our shopping centre is can't you?  This was taken at about 10.30am on Monday when normally the centre would be busy.  

I've a couple of other things to share that made me smile.  Both from Twitter.  I don't really post anything on Twitter, I don't think I have much to tweet about that anyone else would find interesting, but I do check it now and again especially if something controversial is happening in the news (or Strictly Come Dancing!) One of the accounts I 'follow' is called 'Thoughts of Dog' and that is all that it is.  Things that your dog may be thinking.

They all made me smile, and all for different reasons.  We all need a bit of a reminder that too much thinking is not always good for us!  If you have a dog, or cat (I'm sure they have similar thoughts!) I think you'll probably agree that this is what your pet is thinking right now.



Patio Postcards said...

I like Dog Thoughts, I think I'll follow on my friend's Insta acct. Oh poor you, backs are not made for lifting, twisting at the same time. Mr Man has rather a glass back, so I know, 2nd hand, how painful it can be. It will take a few days to right it self. Cute gingerbread person, which reminds me I need to post a few of my WPSH finds.

Ruth said...

Haha, love that doggie Twitter feed! Perhaps you should join my Strictly WhatsApp group next year?

Sorry to hear that you've put your back out - do hope it feels much better soon! Take care.

Barbara Eads said...

Those car seats are a pain in the---back!! I do hope you are better in that department. There's nothing worse than back problems. It definitely curtails your daily living. As for those gingerbread men---I would have to go in search of them. Then I'd do a scrapbook page. Love them!

alexa said...

I love your dog thoughts! Each one made me smile, though I was so sorry to hear about your back :(. Those isofix things indeed weigh a ton, and so tricky to fix. Hoping you are feeling a lot better now.