Monday 21 December 2020

New project for the new year

 This was my view for most of Friday

Short periods of sitting on the sofa with my little furry companion, followed periods of stretching exercises and gentle walking. Slow and sure wins the race (I hope!)

Whilst sitting on the sofa I was thinking that it has been a while since I did any crafting.  Even longer since I learnt a new craft.  I have a feeling that we are going to be confined to home a lot in the early new year so what a perfect opportunity to stay home and learn something new.  Something I can teach myself with the help of Youtube!  So after a bit of internet browsing I've made a decision.  I'm going (to try) to learn how to crochet.  There.  I've put it out into the public domain, now I can't go back!  My friend Denise is an amazing crocheter and I'm so often inspired to learn after seeing what she produces but I think it will be a while before I can make ripple blankets and the like.  I found a link for a pattern for a hat which appealed to me in more than one way.  It is called 'One hour easy crochet hat pattern for beginners'. I like the word 'easy' and also 'beginners' and the final thing that convinced me was the 'one hour'.  Now we all know that it will take me longer than that but hopefully if it takes less than a whole weekend it will inspire me to carry on.  Plus I'll have a new hat!  So a bit of practising has been done (using a crochet hook I found in my mother in law's knitting bag) 

I can see where I have made mistakes, I think I know how to avoid them and I've realised that the correct tension is important so now I have ordered some wool and the proper size hook and I'm ready and waiting to start!  Hopefully it will arrive in between Christmas and the new year so I can start 2021 with a new interest.

I must admit to typing up this post with a heavy heart.  Leo's prediction of best Christmas ever is not being fulfilled.  On Saturday our prime minister announced that our area was moving to a new tier, tier 4, which means no mixing with other households at all, effectively ruining the plans of millions of people.  I'm trying so hard to think positively and realise that the reasoning behind it is the new mutation of the virus in London and the South East which is spreading faster so it's for our own good but my heart is screaming 'it's not fair - only last week you said it would be 'inhuman' to change the rules over the Christmas period' yet now here we are.  So it will be dinner for two here on Friday, and my much anticipated 'being the guest not the host' will have to wait another year!  


Barbara Eads said...

I was so sorry to hear about your new stringent lockdown. I didn't know the virus had mutated. That's really scary. We are having half the family (7 of us total) on Christmas Eve. We'll mask and social distance too. Christmas it will just be the two of us. I don't think I'm even going to cook! At least you have your lovely and cozy fireplace to enjoy while you continue your crocheting! Merry Christmas to you!

Ruth said...

I'll be thinking of you, my friend! It's hit.ard to keep the end goal insight right now, isn't? I have my fingers crossed that schools do actually reopen in the New Year.

Learning a new craft is a great idea. You have Denise on speed dial for advice! You should also look up the Attic24 blog - it's amazing!

Patio Postcards said...

I am glad to hear that your back is improving with your gentle tending to it. I am sorry to hear that Leo won't be having his best Christmas ever ... it's hard to explain the reasons why. Maybe the shut down will be the circuit breaker that's needed to keep everyone safe, the hospitals open & give time to get more & more vaccinated. A new craft is just what you need, looking forward to seeing all that you create.

Our Provincial Première is announcing today a 28 day province wide lockdown. We have no one to blame but ourselves. We would not be told. When Toronto, who often feel they are the centre of the universe, went into a lockdown, they said, no one tells us, so they went shopping into areas that weren't in lockdowns, now all those areas have high rates of infection, the hospitals are over run ... it's a mess & yet still people are planning to find ways to cheat & have people over for Christmas.

Leslie Roberts Clingan said...

Have been absent from log reading for a few days. Have thought so much of you though. My brother shared the news that England is now experiencing a new, more contagious strain of the virus. Devastating news. I was so hopeful that the new year would mean this could all be put behind us. I guess I was naive. So sorry you won't be able to be with family. We will be celebrating Alone 2. Proud of you to start a new craft. I have been curious about learning to crochet myself. Will follow along with anticipation of your project results. Merry Christmas. Stay well.

Leslie Roberts Clingan said...

*blog reading

Susanne said...

Oh I am so sorry your plans for Christmas have been dashed. I saw the BBC news and thought of all my blog friends over there. Sometimes the lack of thinking these things through by our leaders is just unbelievable to me on top of which there will always be those who won't do their part for the common good. They have not set such hard limits on us - really, what needed to happen was to shut down both restaurants and all stores that were not groceries. The big day is still 4 days off, we may be down to 2 as well.

Good luck with the crochet - my mother-in-law used to be quite the whiz. She did lots of fun dolls - and still has the cutest Santa and Mrs. Claus that she made displayed by her door at the assisted living center.

Take care of that back, and enjoy Christmas the best you can!

alexa said...

I do hope that the gentle resting and exercise you've been giving your back is really helping ... Well done on your crochet! My Mum was great at it. I am looking forward to seeing how it develops and what you make - that's a very pretty blue for your first project. I share your pain about Christmas. I also fear that between now and Easter, there will be a lot more to come, alas.

Women Books Coffie said...