Wednesday 30 December 2020

What a year!

As I type this, there is one day left of 2020 and I think we are all looking back at how our lives changed in the last 12 months!  Pretty dramatically for us all I think.  

 It's hard to predict what the next year will bring and I don't think I will ever assume that I can plan anything in advance any more!  Here's hoping that the new vaccine that was approved today will mean that more of us will be vaccinated sooner and maybe ... just maybe ... slow down the spread of this awful virus.  

There's a news conference in about 90 minutes time and I'm wondering what that will bring - almost certainly the rest of the country will be put into the tier that we are in I am guessing.  Probably delaying the return of children to schools.  Who knows what else?  So before Boris can upset me again I'm going to share number 19 on the Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt - something yellow

That's a happy little chappy isn't it?  My cheery little Scrub Daddy, who makes washing up so much easier.  Have you tried one?  They are fab, you put your fingers in his eyes and thumb in his mouth and he can get into every nook and cranny of any baking dish!  I'm looking forward to finding the rest of the prompts once we get into the new year, and with lockdown in force I may have to be more resourceful in what I photograph.

I was buoyed up with enthusiasm after crocheting my hat, and after an encouraging phone call with my super talented friend Denise, have ordered 15 balls of wool for a blanket.  I know.  FIFTEEN!  How long will this take?  How many more phone calls will I be having with Denise?  How long before she stops answering my calls?  😂

As with the last lockdown, I am making detailed weekly meal plans and baking cakes.  How quickly I forgot how easily I put on those Covid Kilos.  Coffee and walnut sponge on the menu today, how long will that last?

New Years Eve tomorrow and like everyone else in this area, we have no plans!  Well, apart from a takeaway meal, bottle of bubbly and watching the tv.  We will wake the next day no longer part of the EU and who on earth knows how that one will pan out 😱

2021 - please, please, please be better than your predecessor!


Ruth said...

I'm with you on your thoughts re the latest Tier news and a new year outside the EU ... things do indeed look bleak.

Patio Postcards said...

I indeed like your WPSH find - a cheery happy smiling face. We can all use that right now.

We have also had two press conferences to deal with today; federal & provincial - none of it good or happy - grim is the word that comes to mind.

Time, history, it's all that will tell us if we have done enough, done the right thing, done it in time ... but for now, let's raise our glasses, clink clink, cheers to 2021.

alexa said...

Not come across one of these yellow helpers before - still using Brillo pads here :). I've come to dread press conferences, as there seems to be so much over-promising and under-delivering. If I hear another ill-judged metaphor, I think I'll scream. A glass of bubbly feels like the right response! said...

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE indeed. I am just exhausted with this stuff. But when I think about the ways I have been 'inconvenienced' by this virus, there aren't that many. Sure I haven't been able to shop...but I really need to quit shopping so much!! Have to do better this year. And we couldn't go to the gym but we rarely go in the winter when we can go!! I have had to wear a mask but even that has become less an imposition. The worst part has been not being able to hug my mom, see my daughter and granddaughter in east Texas and hug my babies and daughter here. Surely to heavens that will soon change. Right?