Friday 15 January 2021

A new year project - I'm hooked!

The beginning of this week did not find me in a good frame of mind.  The bad news seemed relentless, to the extent where I could not bring myself to listen to the 10pm news bulletin.  I was bored, missing family and friends and could not motivate myself.

The following day was a different story all together, I decided that one day of a pity party was ok, but I needed to keep myself occupied to improve my mood.  I'd been thinking about learning to crochet a while ago and buoyed up from the success of the hat, and with encouragement from my friend I put in an order for supplies of wool to make a blanket.  Next thing you know, this has arrived in the post

That's a lot of wool isn't it?  I must admit to a 'what have I done?' moment. But, once I'd started that first cast on row I was a woman on a mission.  I am enjoying it SO much!  Want to see how much I've done now?

Now, my tension isn't brilliant so please don't look too closely but I'm not aiming for perfection, this is just a thing to do to relax the mind (you can't be thinking about Covid numbers when your brain is saying to itself 'three trebles into the same stitch, miss a stitch, double crochet into the next stitch, miss a stitch' over and over again!) and while away a few hours.  In the interests of accountability I will be sharing progress reports, so prepare yourself for more crochet photos.  Unless it all goes horribly wrong in which case the word 'crochet' will not be found in any future blog posts 😬 

One of us had a hair cut this week

Lucky Coco.  My appointment for next week is now cancelled until whenever non essential services can open up again.  Good job I had it cut a little shorter when I went in December - at the time I joked 'just in case we go back into lockdown', little did we know that the expression about 'many a true word being spoken in jest' would be very appropriate!

But the thing that raised my spirits the most?  Spending a couple of hours with Leo and Rosie yesterday. Our daughter had some important financial work to do for her job which needed a lot of concentration, and had to be done on that day or no one got paid this month!  After weeks of working from home every day, her husband had to go into his London office for two days and the plan was for me to collect the children and keep them outdoors on a walk for at least an hour so she could get the bulk of the work done.  When we woke on Thursday it was apparent that the plan was not going to work - we had torrential rain from the early hours of the morning to late afternoon.  Outdoor childcare was not going to be possible.  After much deliberation, R decided that as they had not left the house for over two weeks, it was hopefully safe for them to spend time with us indoors and before you could say 'childcare bubble' I was in the car going to collect them!  It was so lovely to spend time with them, and they were so happy to be back in Nanny and Grandad's house getting all the toys out.  It was just the boost we all needed.  It took every ounce of resolve that I had to take them back home a couple of hours later and who knows when they will be back again.  Now her husband has been into London and potentially brought germs home with him, I know R will not let us see them indoors for at least two weeks! 

The blanket is calling me - I'm trying to do a couple of rows a day, and the added benefit is that if my hands are busy I can't be filling myself up with homemade cake!  


Patio Postcards said...

Coco does look marvelous all trimmed up. Your new blanket project looks like it will be quite beautiful at the end & so far it looks perfect. What a great way to keep your mind focused & off the news. The idea I guess is not to finish quickly, so the intricate pattern will require time & focus. How wonderful that you got to spend time with Leo & Rosie for a few hours, that certainly lighten your heart.

Happy Weekend. :)

Ruth said...

That's very fancy looking crochet for a beginner - well done!
Coco does indeed look lovely - it amuses me to think about only dogs being able to have a haircut. I was supposed to go last Friday ... who knows when the next appointment will be available!
So glad you were able to make seeing the children work - what a treat! :)

alexa said...

Beautiful crochet work! What a productive thing to be doing - at least when this lockdown ends you'll have something lovely to show for it. I love those soft ice-cream colours ... And how splendid to see your grandchildren! There are so many calculations to make around safety, aren't there. Glad it has re-energised you! said...

Oh, Deb, I am so sorry you have been glum. I think you may be feeling like I was in September and October. Just watching our numbers climb higher, and more things close down, including my opportunities for seeing my babies. I've been invited to help with my girls all next week so that will be wonderful. But I live for the day when they can come here, or we can go to the park or just play for a little bit.

So proud of you to pick yourself up and find a new way to entertain yourself. What soothing, pretty colors in that wool. And your crocheting looks lovely to me. I have often thought I would like to try crochet but have too many other unfinished projects yet to start something new.

Coco looks like a show dog! So fluffy and white and clean. I bet she was glad to see the kids, too!! Our pets have been affected by all of this stuff, too, I think. Our kitties have enjoyed having me (mama) home more, I think.

Hope you enjoy your weekend, friend. My Paul has had his epidural to treat his back pain and is conked out on the couch. Hoping he will feel like a new man tomorrow.

Barbara Eads said...

I'm glad you got to spend the afternoon with your grands! There's nothing like children to give you a lift! As for crocheting--I haven't made an afghan in years. The last one I made was a high school graduation present for my grandson. It was a really extra long one as he's 6'5" tall! Needlepointing has been my all consuming hobby during the lockdown and for most of the past 50 years!

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Well done you for choosing a blanket as your first big project. I do do love the ones from Attic 24. Her instructions are so easy to follow and her choice of colours are something I would never have put together myself.

Glad you got to spend time with your grandchildren. I haven't seen my grandson since August and I do miss him.