Wednesday 6 January 2021

Here we go again!

 I guess it was inevitable - the signs were all around us.  We kept hearing about people we know being taken ill, the positive tests for our county were rising daily.  So it was no surprise to hear that we were going back into a national lockdown.  Sigh.  They are saying for at least six weeks but that is just an estimate.  It just feels worse this time.  Does anyone else feel like that?  Maybe because it's winter and those reasons for going out and exercising aren't so appealing when it's cold, wet and muddy.  Or maybe because we've been through it all before.  This new strain seems to be a nasty piece of work doesn't it?  Oh well, nothing we can do but obey the rules and stay home, do online exercise classes, and eat chocolate.  What?  He didn't say that?  Are you sure? OK, eat healthily to stay well.  

Yesterday when I was out for a walk with Coco I came across this

A 'snake' of painted rocks.  Left over from the last lockdown.  A little weathered, a little washed out but still there.  A bit like I'm feeling today I guess!

Of course there's always one person in the family who is taking advantage of the situation ...

'Everyone is allowed to leave their home for exercise once a day' does not apply to dogs, she's happily flouting the rules and going out twice - once with Paul and once with me.  To be honest, if you were to knock on the door right now, she'd probably go out with you too!


Patio Postcards said...

I think lock down/pandemic fatigue is settling in on just about everyone around the world. Our Provincial Premiere is telling us curfews are next since no one is getting the stay home, only go out for essential reasons. Quebec (province next door)started their curfew restrictions yesterday. Of course I'll take our reasons for curfew rather than the reason our southern neighbours are needing to do!

Knock, Knock, come on Coco, I need a good long walk.

Ruth said...

Haha, Tilly is also flouting the rules! :)

I agree with everything you said - it does feel worse, we know how bad it's going to be, there's nothing to look forward to, it's dark early - I could also add that we have the joy of homeschooling!

Is it wrong of me to take comfort from the fact that we're not the only nation to have got this totally wrong? (Oops, two uses of the word wrong in that sentence ...)

Deanna said...

Our dogs also love the increased walk time here in good old California, USA, because they get to see all the fools here who continue to spout how this virus is a hoax. I'm truly ashamed of our country right now. Stay well! said...

Oh, Deb, started to message you today because I hadn't heard anything nor seen a post. I am so sorry that things there continue to be so worrisome and stressful. I am so sorry. Just checked our numbers and they are remaining under 500 new cases a day so we seem to have hit a plateau but we are behind the rest of the country. And I feel like we just finished the first wave where everyone else is on their second wave. These new strains are concerning, too. Ugh. UGH.

How are your kids and grands holding out? I am sure they miss being with you terribly. Tomorrow is Cami's first birthday and we are just dropping a few gifts off at the door. We had such a lovely celebration for Lucia for her first birthday with my mom!! Their birthdays are 3 days apart. What a difference 3 years makes.

Wish I could do something to cheer you up. Know that I am thinking of you.

alexa said...

Coco, you are looking considerably more dapper and perky than I'm feeling right now! How lucky you get to go out twice ... If you were next door, I'd be begging to take you for a walk on the grounds that 'you' need it (really that's me that needs it) - I feel as if my wings are clipped. Do let your mistress know that I'm right with her on the "it feels worse" front - especially as I think it'll be three months not six weeks. But hey! We have lovely photos of you to look forward to, and the places you go ... Hoping you're giving your lovely owners plenty of cuddles and a couple of face-licks to cheer them up :).

Barbara Eads said...

I think you are right. A lockdown this time around is going to be more difficult this time. We haven't been ordered to stay home yet---just encouraged. We are staying home and it's not too hard. But, it was a lot easier when the weather was nicer!