Wednesday 2 June 2021

Days out

 On Saturday we actually went for a day out.  Oh it felt good!  

While we were in lockdown we would talk about places we would go when we were released back out into the world, and one of those places on the list was under an hour away, safely outdoors, and somewhere to give us inspiration for our own garden.  We checked the weather reports and booked tickets to go to Hyde Hall, which is owned by the Royal Horticultural Society.

Fortunately the weather forecasters did not let us down, and on a bright and sunny Saturday morning we packed up our picnic and headed off.  We were not disappointed!  

Luckily the weather was still nice the next day, when we had been invited to a friend's house for a barbecue. This visit also included my first mojito of the summer.

Our final 'out of lockdown outdoor experience' did not start so well.  We were due to have Leo and Rosie for the day on Tuesday, and decided to take them to a small local zoo as a surprise.  You had to book tickets in advance and they were not refundable under any circumstances.  I left it until Monday evening to book them when I knew that the weather was still going to be good and everyone was fit and well.  However, in the early hours of Tuesday morning, two small members of our party were anything but fit and well and seemed to have succumbed to a stomach bug.  What are the chances?  So rather than waste the tickets we rang Jon and asked if Max was available for the day - luckily he was so we took him.

It's only a small zoo, and more of a conservation centre but we saw lions, tigers, snow leopards, kangaroos, zebras, huge tortoises

Beautiful Maribou Storks - just look at his fancy hairstyle!

But his most favourite animal?

The giant dinosaur models!  


♥ Liz ♥ said...

A big round of applause for days out. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself and that the weather was good to you.

Patio Postcards said...

You were spoiled for choice & thankfully the weather held up for your outings. I do hope Leo & Rosie got over their "bug" quickly. Zoo Plan B made one little person very happy.

alexa said...

I'm glad that another little person could benefit from the tickets - and it looks like a super day out together. The photo of you and your man is lovely and great to see you both looking so well.

k2best herbal incense said...
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Ruth said...

Isn't it wonderful to be back out in the world again - that's a lovely selfie of you and P. :)
Glad you were able to use the zoo tickets but sorry that L and R weren't well.

Jennifer said...

Oh, Deb - hooray for being out and about! So sorry the little ones had the stomach bug but hopefully, everyone is feeling better now! Looks like a wonderful summer is ahead for you!!

Barbara Eads said...

Sounds like you are finally getting to have some freedom! So glad you were able to take Max to the zoo. I think it's more fun to stroll through with a child--kind of like seeing through new eyes!