Tuesday, 1 June 2021

A Sentence a Day in May

 May started with sunny skies and the promise of more relaxation of rules mid month.  Let's see how things gradually unfold

Day 1 Started the day with an online class of Zumba, nothing like a bit of belly dancing to wake you up!

Day 2 What a gloriously sunny day, even if it is a little breezy, Rachel and family came for an al fresco lunch

Day 3 Bank Holiday Monday was a chilly and blustery day, caught up on housework and a bit of crochet

Day 4 Childminding day - the weather was crazy today, sun, high winds, rain and then hailstones, I thought we were supposed to be in spring?

Day 5 Max came for the day which kept us on our toes, Rachel popped by to pick up something she'd left behind yesterday and we got to see all three grandchildren together for about 10 minutes, was lovely to see them play together and made me realise I can't wait for restrictions to lift so we can get everyone together for a decent amount of time.

Day 6 Polling day for local county council elections, voted in the morning then went to our local farm shop to stock up on our favourite ice cream as our supplies had run out!

Day 7 Actually left our locality and had a trip to Cambridge - oh it felt good to be out and about in one of our favourite places!

Day 8 Babysitting for Leo and Rosie while Rachel and James went out for a meal with friends - those children were absolutely determined not to fall asleep, but fortunately both were in bed and sleeping by the time their mum and dad came home.

Day 9 A productive day for Paul in the garden, making the natural pond that he wanted in the garden, now all we need is some wildlife to come visiting!

Day 10 Jon's house purchase has fallen through, a week before they were supposed to move, the seller has decided to put it on the rental market instead - we are all very, very cross.

Day 11 Spent the day with Rosie which took my mind off feeling very annoyed about house owners who leave it until the last minute to change their mind

Day 12 Looked after Max today, had a long chat with Jon, it's a rubbish situation but totally out of anyone's control and it's time to be philosophical and start the property search again.

Day 13 Zumba on line - for the last time hopefully!

Day 14 Max had his first proper haircut, all those baby blonde curls have gone

Day 15 Queued up at the walk in centre and got the second dose of our vaccination two weeks early!

Day 16 Sore arm from my injection yesterday, had an hour long nap in the afternoon, hopefully they will be the only side effects

Day 17 Coco went to the groomers and came home looking fluffy and fresh

Day 18 Rosie was here for the day, she spent quite a while trying to teach me how to do the splits (oh to be as flexible as a 2 year old) until we realised what the problem was, my socks apparently weren't right.  After we picked Leo up from school we went to a neighbour's garden so that he could catch some newts from their pond to put into ours - oh the excitement!

Day 19 Max came with our son for the day, Rachel popped over for a little while with Leo and Rosie - it was lovely to see all the grandchildren together in the garden.  Can't wait to be able to invite them over for a meal INSIDE!

Day 20 Zumba in the hall - oh boy did it feel good - I work so much harder when I'm in the same room as the instructor ;-)

Day 21 Our first night out since December!  Went to a friend's house for dinner, weather was atrocious so it was lucky we can now go inside other people's homes!

Day 22 Quiet day at home, made a banana loaf, did some crochet started watching Mare of Easttown on tv

Day 23 Rachel & family here for lunch - so nice to be able to invite people for dinner and not have to rely on eating outdoors!

Day 24 Went to lay flowers on my parent's grave, my sister and I take it in turns to go once a month, the churchyard is right by my old primary school, isn't it a lovely building?

Day 25 Rosie was here for the day and we also had our son working from home in our home.

Day 26 Max came for the day, we took him to Pets at Home where he was very interested in the hamsters.  No we didn't buy it for him!

Day 27 Zumba in the hall again :-)

Day 28 Rachel had her vaccination

Day 29 Went out for our first 'proper' day out since December to Hyde Hall, it was a gloriously sunny day, lovely walks through the many different types of garden and a picnic overlooking the lake.

Day 30 Out again! (I could get used to this!) this time for a late afternoon/evening barbecue with friends

Day 31 Went over to Rachel's to help them in their garden, the previous owners of their house were keen gardeners and R&J have not had time to spend in the garden so it was in need of a good tidy up. 

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alexa said...

That's a great round-up of the month ... I am admiring your pond - looks wonderful. Have the newts settled in? And the primary school is such a handsome building. The concrete stuff built in the sixties and seventies can't hold candle to it.

Patio Postcards said...

A very busy month for you. I do hope Jon got the house business sorted & that they have a better house to make home. Your primary school building is gorgeous, nice that it is still in good repair. The Grans will love that pond & all it's soon to be wild life.

Joanne said...

I worked with a lady that used to work in a bank and she told me when we were house hunting that I would be shocked to learn how many housing deals fall through right at the very end. I always tried to keep that in mind when we were looking... but it is so frustrating though!

Your pond and rock garden looks lovely!

Wildflower Adventures said...

A lovely time with the Grands. Mr. Potato head is entertaining for the little ones. The garden & pond look nice. Karen

Liz said...

Considering we're still under restrictions you managed to pack a lot into your month. So glad you got to have all your grandchildren in the garden at once. We're still waiting to go to York to see ours. Hopefully by the end of June :0)

Deb's World said...

It's so good to see you starting to be able to get out and about Deb! So much happening and I envy you going into summer too. Well done on being fully vaccinated, I'm still waiting for my first shot but Australia has had some supply issues apparently. Enjoy June!

Ruth said...

What a busy month! Hooray for all 3 grandchildren visiting at the same time and for going early with the second dose. :)

onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com said...

I am so terribly behind in all things blog related. Uploaded a blog reading app to my phone and then couldn't login unless I was at home! In which case, I would be on my laptop reading blogs. Anyway, I am finally catching up with you. So glad to read that in many ways your May was full of fresh starts and new beginnings.

The pond is just so nice. And your path beside it is just what we want to do here. Except we were doing it because the grass was not growing over on that side of the house. Now the grass is trying to grow!!

So glad you enjoyed several bits of play time with all of the kids together and alone. Max does look quite grown up with his new haircut. Hope to heavens Jon and Sophie have luck in their favor on this new 'cottage' they've found. Glad for Rachel's vaccine. And all of your excursions out in the real world. And you look adorable in your belly dancing garb!!