Monday, 28 June 2021

Paws for thought

 I heard them talking about a day out -- couldn't believe my luck when they put my car harness on me and strapped me into the back seat of the car
Hey, I remember this place, it's good to get the sea breeze in my fur
Hang on a minute, I'm sure that last time we came here there was sand at the bottom of these steps, who put all that water there?
Oh no.  My human really needs to get a bit more practice with her selfies, I think she needs longer arms.  And why does it look like I'm being strangled?  I couldn't look at the camera, there was a seagull further down on the wall and I needed to see him off. #alwaysprotectingmyfamily

Yes, we had a day out to the coast on Friday.  Friends have moved three miles from Frinton and we decided to sneak in a walk along the front before we went to their new home for lunch.  It was so nice to be out and about.  Then to finish off a sociable day, we came home and went out to friends for drinks in the evening.  😊

So here we are - Monday has come round again.  Rachel has her vasculitis biopsy this afternoon, I think she's going to be very sore.  I have my little partner in crime (Rosie) coming back again this afternoon.  

Now, in theory this should be a busy blog week.  It's the end of the month roundup and the first check in for the Photo Scavenger Hunt.  I probably ought to be putting a little work into those now or it will be a last minute 'don't miss the deadline' post!  Are you joining in with either of these?  Either way, I hope to see you back here in a couple of days time - enjoy your week!


Patio Postcards said...

How wonderful to travel to the sea side to not only visit friends in their new home, but the beach. Coco does look ready to tackle that potentially dangerous pesky seagull. I cannot wait to be able to visit our favourite lake side which might be possible before the end of the summer as new cases of COVID are declining, vaccinations rising & restrictions lifting. A girl can only dream.

Sending lots of positive energy & happy good thoughts to Rachel. Will you & your partner in crime be needing bail money? (lol)

Ruth said...

I haven't been to the seaside in goodness knows how long - looks as though you all enjoyed yourselves. :)
Tilly is like Coco - absolutely loves going out in the car.

Vronni's Style Meanderings said...

Hi Debs - that is one cute dog!

I've been reading more of your posts getting to know you. I remember child minding; did it with all 3 grandchildren it's only the youngest (11) now and he stays over on Sunday might and I take him to school on Monday mornings. Once he's at secondary school (September) that will be it for me.

It's so good to be able to go out and about again. I think the seaside is the perfect trip out - as long as the weather is fine, of course.

alexa said...

Delighted to read you've all made it to the seaside - how splendid, despite the grey day! I always love these posts of yours from a canine point of view :).

Jennifer said...

What fun your pup had with his humans! And a walk at the shore - delightful!! Hope you have a wonderful week ahead!!