Friday 1 October 2021

A sentence a day in September

 Schools are back, restrictions have lifted - the month starts with a bit of normality ...

Day 1 A dreary day, but perfect for relaxing, getting a bit of my crochet done and preparing ourselves for the next couple of days childminding

Day 2 Zumba in the morning, then let the chaos begin as we pick up the children ready for our 24 hours of childminding, I'm wondering how to deal with any questions from Leo about the funeral of his other grandad, you can never be sure how much children of that age understand.

Day 3 We survived our night of sleepovers (Rosie has never been away from her mum before so we were a little unsure how it would go!) got Leo to school on time, had our monthly Covid and antibody test, remembered the new pick up time and procedure for getting Leo back from school, Rachel got held up in bad traffic coming back from Winchester and didn't come to pick them up until just after 7pm - we were exhausted by bedtime!

Day 4 The house is quiet and calm, think we have earned a day of relaxation after the last week!

Day 5 Sunday lunch as a pre anniversary treat at the Brewery Tap in Furneux Pelham, was absolutely delicious.

Day 6 41st wedding anniversary - beautifully sunny day, took Coco for a long walk in Hatfield Forest and treated her to a special doggy ice cream

Day 7 Rosie here, lovely sunny day

Day 8 No Max as he is on holiday, another gloriously sunny day, went into town in the morning and did very little in the afternoon!

Day 9 No Zumba today as my instructor is on holiday, got my exercise by doing some gardening in the morning and then there was a hair cut

Day 10 Went to Cambridge, bought a new sports bra and some make up, had lunch at our favourite Italian cafe - was lovely and sunny while we were there but we drove home in torrential rain.

Day 11 Coco went for her annual check up and vaccination - she needs an operation to remove a tooth 😢

Day 12 Was warm enough to have Sunday lunch in the garden, think it may be the last time though

Day 13 Went to Rachel's in the morning to help clear up her front garden - I don't think they've touched it all summer so it was in need of some drastic tidying up.

Day 14 We had Rosie here today, it was absolutely pouring with rain all day so we were confined to home - she happily made a batch of little cupcakes which had a very generous amount of icing and decorations!

Day 15 It was Max's turn for being here today and he was an absolute delight, he seems very proud of the fact that he is going to be a brother (although he seems to think the baby is in HIS tummy)

Day 16 No Zumba, went into town to pick up a top that I had ordered from M&S 😀, discovered that the Joules shop is closing at the weekend 😢 and heard that 7 children in Leo's class at school have Covid 😱

Day 17 Rachel collected their new puppy, Daisy the Dachshund - Leo and Rosie couldn't believe their eyes when they got home from school!

Day 18 Paul had an art class at a local museum and I spent the morning sorting out clothes, which to pack away until next summer and which to donate to a charity shop, paella with friends in the evening

Day 19 Jon, Sophie and Max came for the day, made the pannacotta recipe from Jamie Oliver's new tv show - it was delicious! Rachel also popped round to introduce us all to Daisy

Day 20 Decluttered some of the collection of toys that we have ready to take to the charity shop, made a batch of courgette soup for lunch.

Day 21 Took our donated clothes and toys to the charity shop in town, Paul started preparing the front door for a new coat of paint - a project we have been talking about for almost six months, didn't have Rosie here today as she has a sore throat and cough and Rachel decided to take her for a PCR test as there are so many of Leo's friends who have Covid.  She now has to stay at home until they get the results.

Day 22 Max here for the day, all of Rachel's family tested negative so everyone is back to their normal routines today - phew!

Day 23 Zumba is back after a two week break, put my name down for the Christmas party - do you think it will go ahead this year?

Day 24 Coco had to have an operation - it was awful waiting to hear how it went, ashamed to say she had to have six teeth removed.  Horrendous queues at petrol stations along the route to the vets caused traffic chaos - why do people have to panic buy?

Day 25 Paul's art class have an exhibition at a local museum today so he went there and I stayed home to keep an eye on Coco as she shouldn't be left alone for 24 hours.

Day 26 Paul put the last coat of paint on the front door and I tried a new recipe for Sunday lunch which was absolutely delicious.  

Day 27 Post op check up for Coco - all looks as if it is healing well, she's thoroughly enjoying her post op menu of poached chicken, white fish, scrambled eggs, rice and pasta (not altogether obviously!)

Day 28 Rosie and Leo are still poorly and Rachel managed to get them both in-person appointments with a doctor - which involved me having to sit with the puppy while they went in as she hasn't yet been left alone.  Leo has bad ear infection and Rosie just has a post viral grotty nose.  

Day 29 Max here for the day, did a lot of crafty bits today - started off with lots of different coloured Playdoh, ended up with it all mixed together in a kind of brown blob!

Day 30 Flu jab first thing, then found out you shouldn't do an exercise class for an hour or so afterwards just in case you feel a bit woozy so no Zumba today.

For the interests of posterity I guess I should note that we have ended the month with people panic buying petrol as the media told us there was likely to be a shortage due to the lack of HGV drivers to deliver the fuel.  You wouldn't believe the queues!  Fortunately I filled up with petrol at the end of the week before it all started so I am just hoping it is calm again by the time I need more.  

That's it for this month, there should be other people joining in the Sentence a Day posts (officially the posts go live on the first Tuesday of the month, but I like to post mine as soon as the month has finished - just call me a rebel!) Pop back next week to see who else has joined in!

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Patio Postcards said...

What a busy month. You are such good Grandparents helping out so much & now a fur grandbaby! Nice new hair cut for you. Using Paul's painting of the front door as inspiration to get Mr Man to give ours a coat or two?!

Fairytales and Fitness said...

Happy Anniversary! I realized that three of us on this link up have September wedding anniversaries!
I would be a nervous wreck too waiting to hear how Coco did. Glad she is recovering well. She's such a cutie pie!

Cathy said...

I enjoyed reading about your month. Love that crochet in the last picture. So pretty. Glad Coco did well with her surgery and Happy Anniversary to you both!!

Joanne said...

Happy anniversary! Glad Coco's surgery went well and that the families covid tests were negative.

Natasha said...

Yay for a haircut! And I'm sorry your family was sick although thankful they didn't have Covid. And I need to go through my clothes to figure out what to send to the thrift store. I have too many clothes right now...

Wildflower Adventures said...

Happy Anniversary! Sounds like yall had some lovely sunny days in between the rain for enjoying the outdoors We are still in desperate need of rain in our area. I remember doing a playdough activity when the Grands were visiting in the summer. The playdough colors got mixed & ended up being in a blob, though it was called a rainbow... LOL!!! Karen

JayneJeane said...

So glad everyone is Ok. I love your front door! I have been thinking of painting ours but I have to get approval from our Home Owner's Board and I am not sure what color. Can't wait to see what you do next month :)

Barbara Eads said...

I love your wedding picture! You two are so cute!

Jennifer said...

Love your new haircut! Got mine done this month as well - not nearly as nicely done as yours! Sigh. We also painted our front door. Isn't it amazing what a difference it can make? Our "new" door just makes me smile:)

Ruth said...

What a busy month! Happy belated anniversary to you and Paul - 41 years is quite an achievement!
Would P like to come over and paint our front door, please?