Tuesday 2 August 2022

A sentence a day in July

 This is the month of holidays and record breaking temperatures - July was hot!  

Day 1 Made my first holiday list, time to start thinking about what clothes I'm going to take

Day 2 Spent far too much time looking at youtube videos on crocheting small beach themed shapes to appliqué on my blanket

Day 3 Coco's 11th birthday - went to Leo's school fete in the afternoon

Day 4 Last minute holiday shopping

Day 5 Had Rosie here for most of the day, Coco went to the groomers and also the vets because she seems to have an upset stomach

Day 6 Finally did the packing for our holiday, it always feels like I haven't packed enough and then when I get home I always have things that never got worn, dropped Coco at my sister's for her 'holiday'

Day 7 Taxi at 3.45am to allow us 3 hours to get through the airport for our flight to Portugal - early night tonight!

Day 8 Spent most of the day chilling on the terrace

Day 9 Invited to our neighbours for drinks and nibbles - was nice to get to know them, they have moved to Portugal from Portland, Oregon - that's quite a distance away!

Day 10 Got the local bus to Lagos, had lunch at a lovely cafe and managed to tick off a few photos for the Summertime Photo Hunt

Day 11 Was slightly overcast today and the waves were strong on the beach

Day 12 Getting into a nice relaxed routine - lunch at a cafe on the sea front with a lovely jug of sangria

Day 13 More relaxing, a couple more photos ticked off ...

Day 14 Our last full day, dinner at our favourite tapas restaurant

Day 15 Flew home in the afternoon

Day 16 My sister brought Coco back home, Rachel and family popped round too, discovered that Rosie has been very unwell while we were away and ended up at A&E a couple of times - also our son has had a nasty fall off his bike - why so much drama in the one week we go away?

Day 17 Went to friends for a barbecue - was lovely to eat out in the shade in their garden

Day 18 Temperatures are hotting up ...

Day 19 Hottest day ever in the UK, over 40 degrees registered, I am not coping well with the heat!

Day 20 It is so much cooler today - thankfully as we had Max here all day and I don't think any of us would have coped well if it were still 40+ degrees

Day 21 Zumba - no one minded being in the front row today as that was next to the big cooling fans!

Day 22 Met up for afternoon tea with a friend I haven't actually seen in person for about 10 years then a meal in the evening with a couple who used to live 3 doors away from us.

Day 23 An early birthday party for Max - he had a wonderful time!

Day 24 Rachel and family came for Sunday lunch - was just the right temperature for eating out in the garden, not too hot and not too cool.

Day 25 Max's 3rd birthday - where has the time gone?

Day 26 Had Leo and Rosie here for the day, went to the Park Active event where they had a great time - also had our monthly covid tests

Day 27 Max here for the day, who needs exercise classes when you can run around after a three year old?

Day 28 Zumba in the morning, finished the last component of my blanket in the afternoon, now I 'just' have to join it all together and put a border on it.

Day 29 Coco had to have a scan on her heart as she has a slight murmur - I felt nervous all morning but relieved to find out she doesn't need treatment at the moment

Day 30 Took flowers to the churchyard as it would have been my dad's birthday on Wednesday

Day 31 Jon and Sophie (and Max and Olive!) came over for lunch, Rachel and family came over later in the afternoon too and in the evening the England women's football team won the European Championship, all in all, a very good day!

Another month over!  This one went by so fast - and here's the video condensed to 1 Second Everyday


Patio Postcards said...

A very busy month both at home & away. Hoping that Rosie is now feeling much better. It has been a fast 3 years, I even remember you announcing Max's birth!

Ruth said...

Another busy month ... but not good to hear about all the health scares.

Susanne said...

Other than the worries about little Rosie's bout of illness, it sounds like quite the month, holiday and all.