Monday 8 August 2022

Me on Monday

 The start of a new week, but before we talk about that, let's have a chat about some things that made me happy in the last one!

On Friday I met up with some of my ex work colleagues.  Boy there was a lot of news to discuss.  Four children involved in house moves, two with new jobs, discussions on how exhausting looking after grandchildren can be, holidays we've taken and those yet to come, and celebrating the publication of a new book.  I am privileged to always read the first edit of my friend's books and this is the most recent.

Imagine how thrilled I was to see that I am mentioned in the dedication 'To Debbie, Who reads them first' 

and also the acknowledgments.
She was telling us the general theme of her next book and it sounds very intriguing.  I don't know how she keeps coming up with new ideas.

The other big event of the week was the final stitch being made in my blanket

I want to add a couple more appliqués on some of the oblong postcards but it is more or less finished now.  It's been quite the project and although I'm pleased to have it finished, what on earth am I going to do in the evenings now?

It was the Zumba group summer party yesterday so there won't be need for exercise much today!  I had the best afternoon, we danced nonstop for about three hours, it was so much fun.  There were about 60 of us, the food was good and the singer was amazing, I think everyone was up on the dance floor for most of the afternoon. The Christmas party has already been booked for December! 

So today I am thinking about a trip to Chelmsford to do some birthday shopping as our daughter and Leo both have August birthdays.  I also need to find some kind of storage for the blankets which seem to be piling up in our lounge!  I want to find a way to keep them tidy before Paul notices that the pile is growing and is starting to look untidy. I also need to find most things in the same shop so that no too much walking is involved.  Three hours dancing the day before has taken its toll on my poor weary feet and legs!

Happy Monday!


Patio Postcards said...

Happy Monday indeed! You had quite a busy weekend, lots of fun social times. Your blanket is absolutely a masterpiece of work, how lovely to cozy under it. WOW to be named in a book & also to have the book dedicated to you - what an honour.

Barbara Eads said...

How fun to have an author as a friend. I would feel special too if I got the dedication! That's so sweet. I'll have to see if I can get her books on Amazon. The blanket looks fabulous! As for storage--baskets are the way to go. Just roll them and they look so cute. Walmart has really nice ones at good prices. I'm not sure if you order online whether you can get them or not. Sorry, the link is so long, but this is the one I have--actually I have two--one for blankets and one for towels in the bathroom!

Jennifer said...

Wow - your blanket looks amazing! Well done - and I would not put that one away in storage! For the next few "free" evenings, you can do some reading:) What fun to actually know the author! Sounds like you had a super fun weekend. Three hours of dancing! You go, girl! Enjoy that birthday shopping...and have a wonderful week!!