Monday 22 August 2022

It's Monday!

Well, we really danced up a storm last week!  That request for people to join in a rain dance definitely had the desired effect.  We had torrential rain and a bit of a thunder storm on Wednesday which was such a relief.  Temperatures are now back to normal range and life is a lot more comfortable - at last!

 I am hoping for a more restful, less stressful week this week!  Not that I didn't enjoy last week but it had its ups and downs.

The biggest 'down' was having a sliver of tooth come off - while eating a square of chocolate, that's got to be teaching me a lesson hasn't it? So an emergency dental appointment was made only to be told that because it's a small slice at the tip of my tooth, there isn't enough base there to add anything to fill in the gap as there isn't enough for the material to adhere to.  So all they can do is smooth over the rough bit.  But while she was looking around my mouth she noticed that I did need a filling in a back tooth so guess what?  Another appointment in a week or so time to have both things tended to.  Did I mention that I really don't like going to the dentist?

There was a lot of childcare last week.  I really do mean a LOT.  Tuesday Leo and Rosie as normal, Wednesday Max as normal, an unexpected Leo and Rosie again on Thursday as our daughter and son in law were both working from home and the children were in one of those moods that ends up with everyone being very cross and two small people getting into trouble.  'Mum, I don't suppose you could have them for a couple of hours could you?'  Then on Saturday we excelled ourselves.  Jon and his wife asked if we could have Max and Olive for a few hours (ended up being six) while they went out during the day to celebrate their 5th wedding anniversary.  We handed them back at 4pm, then at 7pm went over to Rachel's to look after Leo and Rosie while they went out to celebrate R's birthday.  Another 5 hours on the childminding clock!

In the short period of time I had to myself I managed to find a pattern for a little bit of appliqué to go on the infamous Postcards with Love blanket

I think I may now say this mammoth project is now finished!

At the time of typing this, I have a free day ahead of me - wish me luck that it stays that way!  I have to go into town first thing but after that I intend to read the last few pages of my book (although I don't really want to finish it, I'm going to miss reading about all the characters!) while having a slice of the marmalade cake I baked yesterday with a cup of coffee.  

It's birthday time around here, R's on Wednesday and then Leo will be six next Monday. He had an early birthday party at the local bowling alley with his friends on Friday - he had a wonderful time

He took part in his first Junior Park Run on Sunday, running 2k around the park in town.  His dad would have loved to have run it with him but he's in a surgical boot following an achilles tendon injury playing football.  I told you it has been an eventful week.  Our weekend away in a couple of weeks time has never felt more needed!


Patio Postcards said...

You & P are really very kind grandparents & your children are SO lucky to have you close by & willing to help :)

Ouch to the tooth breaking off. I'm with you about getting nervous at dentist visits. I like that postcard piece of your quilt; your crocheting skill is amazing. I don't think I've ever had marmalade cake & it sounds delicious (hint hint to a recipe share) :) Fingers crossed to a day to yourself.

Susanne said...

It does sound like an eventful week. And isn't always the case that at the dentist good news is often followed by not-so-good news. Makes you wish they were not so observant. I'd better watch what I say, as I have a check-up on Wednesday!

Nice job on the applique and finishing the quilt -- it turned out to be quite a stunning project. Well done you!!

Ruth said...

What a busy week and how lucky your children's children are to have such hands on grandparents!

Barbara Eads said...

Wow! That was a busy week. You deserve a day off. I hope you just relax with a good book. Because, you might just be off and running again tomorrow!