Monday 15 August 2022

It's Monday!

 The weather forecasters have been saying for a week that the heatwave will end today.  Much as I don't like it when the weather is cold, this hot weather has really worn me down and I am more than ready for cooler temperatures.  I feel like I have wished the days away over the weekend, I couldn't settle to anything and just moved from outdoors in the shade to indoors by a fan.  What will the week bring I wonder?

Last week we had more childminding than planned as R's childminder had to take her husband to hospital on Thursday.  In case you were wondering, temperatures in the mid 30s added to two energetic children three days in a row really saps your energy!  

By the end of that we had earned a relaxing night out!  We went to friends in the evening on Friday for our annual paella evening - it was delicious. 

It was such a gloriously warm evening.  The intense heat had gone and it was a perfect temperature for eating on the patio.  We were still sitting in their garden at 11.30pm when we realised what the time was and thought we should head for home.  

A much needed quiet weekend was on the cards and the most that I did was investigate places to have a meal when we go for our long weekend in the Cotswolds. There seemed to be quite a few dog friendly pub restaurants near where we will be staying so I have booked a couple of places. 

Today I need to go to the shops to find a craft project for the children to do when they are here this week.  Last week I found some wooden birdhouses to decorate and whilst they made quite a bit of mess, they really enjoyed it so I think a trip to Hobbycraft is in order for this week's activity.

Three weeks of the school holidays left so maybe I need to find triple the amount of craft projects!  

Before I go, please join me in a group rain dance - our garden is so dry and the plants are scorched, let's see if we can join together and make it happen.  {we have a good chance of being successful if the weather forecasts can be believed!}


Patio Postcards said...

I'm right there with you on the rain dance; are we doing naked? ... For us, it thankfully hasn't been as hot & humid, but ever so dry. The birdhouses sound like a great project to keep little minds & hands busy, maybe another set of birdhouses so the grandkids can give to the other set of grandparents for Christmas :)

Ruth said...

As I type this late Monday afternoon, I'm in shorts and bikini top and sweating buckets - no sign yet of the promised rain. I'd best join you and Mary-Lou in the rain dance! :)

I'm so impressed that you let the Smalls paint their birdhouses with putting newspaper down first!

Jennifer said...

Over here dancing right along with you...and for you! Although no one has ever been impressed with my dance moves - rather doubt Mother Nature will either:) Also over here trying to control my envy as you plan a weekend in the Cotswolds.....swooning.

Susanne said...

We have had a bit of reprieve from the heat here, but rain does sound glorious. I have never had paella, how can that be at my age!!