Tuesday 4 October 2022

A sentence a day in September

 When we started the month of September, we could have never imagined how dramatic or historic the month would become.

Day 1 Zumba in the morning, started to pack for our weekend away in the afternoon

Day 2 Left for our weekend in Burford - very impressed with our home for the weekend

Day 3 Visited Bourton on the Water and Batsford Arboretum, everywhere is just so pretty around here

Day 4 Visited Lower Slaughter and explored more of the village where we are staying (Burford) 

Day 5 Visited our friends who moved near to Oxford six years ago, coincidentally two other friends were visiting her too, one who emigrated to Australia 18 years ago and the other who moved to Devon almost seven years ago, it was quite a reunion!

Day 6 Our 42nd wedding anniversary - had Rosie here after her hour introduction to nursery and later on I had a consultation with my ENT consultant. Liz Truss became our Prime Minister

Day 7 First time having Olive for the day - it coincided with the arrival of her second large front tooth which didn't bode well but the day went surprisingly smoothly and happily!

Day 8 Queen Elizabeth II died this afternoon.

Day 9 Things feel very subdued today - started to crochet my next blanket which has a Christmas feel to it

Day 10 Charles was appointed as King, it really felt like we were watching history unfold as we viewed the ceremony on tv

Day 11 Rachel and family came for Sunday lunch

Day 12 Went to a garden centre to buy some winter flowering plants to put in pots

Day 13 Our childminding day of looking after Rosie and Leo, the last one for having Rosie in the morning, nursery school starts properly tomorrow!

Day 14 Olive was here for the day, she's starting to get more adventurous exploring our house

Day 15 I was dreading today as I had a dentist appointment to have a filling in my wisdom tooth but it actually wasn't bad at all!

Day 16 We were supposed to have friends over in the afternoon but I woke at 3am with gastroenteritis and we had to cancel.  I felt so ill, spent most of the day either in bed trying to keep warm or asleep on the sofa

Day 17 Felt better today, taking it easy and gradually reintroducing food (cautiously!)

Day 18 Paul did a stint of volunteer work at our local hospital helping coordinate people who had been called for their next round of Covid boosters - at the end they had some left over, so he ended up getting an early booster himself!

Day 19 The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II - such wonderful ceremony and pageantry.

Day 20 Our first Tuesday where we didn't have Rosie all day - it seemed very strange! Started knitting her a cardigan to wear to ballet

Day 21 Had Olive here today, she was in a very cheerful mood and we had a lovely walk down to see the ducks on the lake

Day 22 No Zumba today as our instructor is in Thailand on honeymoon - ashamed to say that I didn't do any alternative exercise to make up for it

Day 23 Coco to groomers today and then we had friends over for an Indian takeaway in the evening

Day 24 Jon brought the children here - Sophie is in Spain on a hen weekend and I think he wanted an extra pair of hands and some adult company!

Day 25 Went to watch Leo do the children's 2k Park Run, then a tasty cappuccino by the riverside in the autumn sunshine

Day 26 Friends came for a coffee in the morning, then we had our flu vaccinations in the afternoon

Day 27 Went to Saffron Walden in the morning - quite a novelty having a Tuesday to ourselves as we now don't have Rosie and Leo until 3.15

Day 28 Had Olive here and had a lovely day 

Day 29 Worried about my friend and her husband, they live on Pine Island, Florida and the eye of the hurricane passed over the island.  They have evacuated but the island is now cut off from the mainland so they can't return to find out what damage has been caused.

Day 30 Rosie's ballet cardigan is finished!  Let's hope it fits ...

These months are going past so fast, I can't believe it's already time to share my days from the 1 Second Everyday app



Ruth said...

Yes September was quite the month! I think I have said this before, but I shall say it again - your adult children are so fortunate to have such hands-on grandparents.

Barbara Eads said...

September has been quite a month. I just had some pictures of the queen printed for my tribute layout. A friend Brough me my very first copy of the Daily Mail--it's all about the queen. Can't wait to get started!

Jennifer said...

That a month...definitely one for the history books. Glad you have your part recorded here. Also glad you were not feeling poorly for too long. Here's to an October that is not quite as "eventful."!

Susanne said...

What a nice month of history and family moments -- love the contrast. And I must look into that 1 second app, although I am never disciplined enough to take a photo every single day.