Monday 17 October 2022

Me on Monday

 Wow, these Mondays come around very quickly don't they?  

Last week panned out pretty much as expected.  I had a lovely lunch out with my author friend at this farm shop

Calling it a farm shop really doesn't do it justice - it has lots of lovely original gift outlets inside, they really champion local businesses.  It's in the middle of nowhere yet the cafe there is so popular you always have to book in advance and while we were there I saw three 'walk ins' having to be turned away.  Yet when I've met friends for lunch in town recently we have often been almost the only ones there. I guess that proves just how good the reputation is for the farm shop.  Look how many pumpkins they had for sale outside!

My opticians appointment went well and I was pleased to be told that I didn't need a new prescription so no extra expense of new glasses.  Opticians are so 'high tech' nowadays aren't they?  It's so reassuring to know that all is healthy inside and out by seeing the scans of the retina.  A far cry from the first eye test I had where it was just a matter of wearing those odd metal 'glasses' while the optician put in and took away different strengths of lenses!  

So this weekend I spent a silly amount of time making a photo book for the trips away we had this year.  I like to make them every year as although it is lovely to have all the photos on the computer, there is something about pulling a book out of the bookcase and looking through an album.  I feel like a little of the old scrapbooker is coming out in me while I'm doing it, at a bit of a stretch could you call it digital scrapbooking without the journalling?

This week involves quite a lot of babysitting - bad planning on my part!  It is our daughter in law's birthday on Wednesday and I said to our son that if he wanted to take her out for a meal I would be happy to babysit.  I was thinking that it would be a midweek meal on her actual birthday.   I had then agreed to babysit for our daughter on the Saturday as they were having a take away meal with some new neighbours that they have befriended.  Then our son told me that he wanted to take S to a wine shop in Saffron Walden which opens sometimes as a restaurant in the evening or lunchtime.  Guess what? Because of private bookings, this coming week they are only opening as a restaurant to the public on Friday evening.  So we have two evenings of babysitting back to back instead of having two days between the Wednesday and Saturday evenings!  Hey ho!

There's not much on the calendar this week for me but those kind of 'quiet' weeks often end up being just as busy as the other ones.  What do you have planned for this week?


Patio Postcards said...

How fun to have such a large farm shop close by. This side of the pond farm shops locally are branching out into more than just their own product - which is a really positive thing for us; more choices of local product & crafts. This year one of the meat farmer's shop, planted corn into a maze shape & is having a night time walk for the 31st.

While tiring for those back to back babysitting adventures, you know next time to put in a date to-from option (lol). I hope your week stays open for you to enjoy at leisure.

Susanne said...

The farm shop sounds lovely -- and these days, those businesses who have their act together are really outshining the mediocre ones. The pandemic certainly has highlighted the differences around here.

Ruth said...

The farm shop does look lovely, fancy having to book!
I hope the back-to-back babysitting won't be too tiring! said...

You are going to be one tired grandmother by week's end. I was worn out after Brennyn and family left. Hadn't slept all night the whole time they were here because baby Declan didn't sleep all night any of the nights of their visit. Then we did the pumpkin patch with Lauren and her family yesterday...I slept like the dead last night, I was so exhausted!! You are a good mama and grandmama and mother-in-love to step in for your family.

What a pretty spot for lunch with your friend. Was it the author whose book we read together in the book club? I can't remember her name right now...still recovering from the pumpkin patch. But I so enjoyed her book.

I need to have my eyes checked. I am certain there will be a difference in my prescription. In fact, I am going to put my glasses on right now because it occurred to me I am squinting as I type this.

Hope you have some good vitamins on board for the week's child-minding activities. Big hugs!!

Jennifer said...

Ah, that farm shop looks charming...and like the perfect spot to meet a friend. And to share some lunch! Did you take home a pumpkin? I am wondering if you decorate your home seasonally? Any pumpkins on the porch? I also wanted to say thanks for stopping by (my blog) yesterday....and to answer your question: my (mostest) favorite breakfast is oatmeal - or perhaps you call it porridge??! I like it plain but really enjoy it with toppings. Oh so sadly, since trying to follow a keto diet, there has been no oatmeal in my mornings. Sigh. I do miss it!! And, I do not think I have ever had a poached egg!! (Are the yolks runny....if so, that would explain much! Runny yolks are not for me!) I hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. Conserve some strength. It is going to be an energetic weekend!:)