Friday 7 October 2022

Let's sit and have a cup of tea - October

 Thanks for joining me again for a cuppa on the first Friday of the month!  I thought we'd meet up at my favourite coffee shop in Saffron Walden.

I also thought it would be nice for us to have a lovely warm, freshly baked scone.  Tell me - how do you pronounce 'scone'?  Are you scone as in 'gone' or scone as in 'bone'?  We're scone as in 'gone' here.  And it will always be jam before cream when layering up!  When I'm baking I still use my Mum's scone recipe, and she always maintained that the sign of a good scone is that there will be a natural break in the side so that you can pull the scone in half rather than slice it with a knife.  I'm happy to report that these scones both have that natural break!  It felt appropriate to order something traditionally British this month after the national events in the weeks leading up to our get together.

Did you enjoy walking through Saffron Walden to get here?  The market here is good and I like to stock up on the fresh fruit and vegetables whenever we come.  Did you see the bakery stall too?  My goodness, the size of their croissants!  I really recommend their bread.  I may browse round the plant stall after our coffee, I could with a few things to plant up for a bit of winter colour in our patio pots.  On our way back to the car park maybe we will pop into Hill St Chocolate to pick up some of their chocolate shapes.  They are a little expensive but worth every penny!  They are handmade on the premises - mustn't it be wonderful to work there?

Autumn has really arrived since our last get together and I love how the colours of the trees are changing.  There's an old superstition that says that if you leave a conker in a room you won't get spiders.  Well it isn't true!  We always pick up conkers on our walks and so there are always one or two on the hall table but honestly, you should see the size of the spider that we had to evict at the weekend!  Not one of those with skinny legs, a big black 'proper' spider.  No matter how big they are though, I'd never kill one, I have to either a) call for Paul to deal with it b) place a glass over it so it is trapped and Paul can deal with it later or c) get a big duster to drop over it and quickly scoop it up and drop it outside.  

It's been lovely to see you - shall we do it all again on the first Friday of November?  I don't know which route you took to get here, but if your journey home takes you past Audley End it's worth checking out the colours of the foliage in their grounds.  Oh, and don't forget to buy some chocolate and croissants on your way back to the car park!


Jane said...

sounds lovely apart from the spider, I never kill them and have mastered my fear over the years, just as well as my husband is more scared of them than me!

Ruth said...

Scone as in gone and jam first. And drat, I have forgotten again to mark today to have a cuppa with you ... adding it to November's planner right now.

Saffron Walden sounds lovely and ideal for a day trip from West London.

Patio Postcards said...

That was a pleasant walk through Saffron Walden & yes please to a large tea. And I'll have a scone (gone) & what beast would put cream on first (col). My Gran would agree about the natural split. As to spiders, I wipe around the windows with peppermint oil - it seems to keep that little buggers at bay.

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Scone as in bone, and jam first, which is controversial because I'm a Devonian and we're supposed to do cream first, but I think it looks very messy. Saffron Walden is on my list for a visit. I put a few conkers on window sills and they do seem to keep spiders away!

Barbara Eads said...

Scone as in bone for me. But, if you tell me the other way is the correct way, I'll change right now! As you know, I love everything British! I never knew about putting the jam on first. Often, I'll have my scone with just cream or maybe half with cream and jam. Actually, the scones are my most favorite on a tea tray--I might even have three! Then I'll have one with just cream, one with cream and jam and the last with cream and lemon curd. I've never tried making them--I like them too much for that!!