Friday 28 October 2022


 On Tuesday we went to our local arts theatre to see a live music performance.  It was organised by a charity called Retune

Retune was founded by a guy who was at school with our son and once a month they organise a performance by musicians at a local venue.  This month the guest appearance was the daughter of a close friend, we know her as Susanna but you may have heard of her as Surie, Great Britain's singer for Eurovision a few years ago.  

Excuse the quality of the photo, it was a dark room, I didn't want to have to use flash which may distract her but I did want to have a picture memory for my 1 Second Everyday!

Retune is a wonderful charity aimed primarily at helping the well being of young children who may be experiencing mental health issues.  Tom, the founder, was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder in his early 20s.  While in hospital he noticed how people were being helped with their mental health issues through creative outlets.  He likens how an instrument is retuned to play better to retuning the way you think about mental health issues.  Small adjustments can result in larger improvements to the way you think or act.  

The charity works mostly with schools with the hope that if you catch a possible problem early on, you can give the children (and parents) a coping mechanism and show the children that it is ok to not be ok, you don't have to hide your feelings away.  

It was a really lovely evening, the music was great and it was good to support such a worthwhile cause.


Patio Postcards said...

What a fun evening out.

Tom of Retune sounds like a very wise young man. I like the program & the program's philosophy of going to the schools to help identify & offer not solutions of "fix" but ideas to enhance, cope & use any of the "not okness" we all experience at some time or other.

Ruth said...

What a young man, very wise! We could do with more like him, especially in this post pandemic era. Sounds like a lovely evening.

Susanne said...

Never heard to Suri, but loving the name by which you know her. (wink, wink) It sounds like it was a great event for a great cause - gotta love that too.