Friday 28 April 2023

#WBOYC in April



Appointments - I'm always pleased to get my hair tidied up and all those 'colourless' roots disguised.  This month I also had an appointment for a mammogram.  Here in the UK we are called every three years to have a check up.  Last time I went was about the week before we went into lockdown.  I can remember lots of signs saying don't touch the handrail on the steps and it was a novelty to see hand sanitiser on the counter, not to mention being asked to wear a mask.  Little did we know that such things would become second nature before the month was up!


Power washing the patio and decking.  Now this may not seem exciting to you, but to me it meant that the sun was shining, and I had visions of soon being able to sit outside and enjoy warmer weather.  I've never tried my hand at power washing before, it seemed something that could become very messy and I've left it to Paul but now I know how easy it is I think it's fair to say that we will be having a very clean patio this summer!

Project 'repaint the hall drawer unit' happened this month.  It's been discussed for many a month and there came a point when I suddenly decided that it 'had' to be done - now!  So we popped to Homebase and picked up some tester paint pots.  It's only a small unit so three little testers was just enough to put on two coats of paint.  A quick, cheap project but it makes the hall look fresher now. Not only that but Paul can now stop sighing every time I say 'that drawer unit is looking really tatty' because it doesn't look tatty any more!

Project 'paint the garden fence' happened too - a year or two ago we painted our garden fences grey and it gave such a good background to our plants rather than the normal 'wood' colours that we decided to put on another coat this year before the plants started growing up again.


Reading Weyward by Emilia Hart which was recommended on Sara Cox's programme Between the Covers.  It was also a choice in our online book club but didn't get the most votes but I decided to read it anyway!  I also read 'The Last Party' which is probably the first book that I have read that is set in Wales.  It was a good murder mystery, and by the time I reached the last chapters I was ready to add my name to the list of suspects, no wonder someone wanted to get rid of Rhys, what a nasty man he was.  I also read 'Leave me to lie' by Clare Mackintosh which had more than one twist and turn before the end.  I'd recommend them all! This was the first book I borrowed from the library since renewing my membership there.  


I would probably stand for indoors, as that is where we spent most of our time due to the changeable weather. If I'm honest, April didn't include many things outside the house!  We caught up on a lot of chores that we had been putting off, and spent any dry, warm time in the garden.  Not sitting on the patio reading our books but washing, painting and tidying. When the better weather comes, we are prepared!


Lunches with friends and family. Our daughter still doesn't have a kitchen but the builders should be installing the new one very soon.  So we have had visitors on quite a few occasions this month as there is only so much you can cook in a microwave!   

So all that is left to do now is my 1 second everyday round up of this month so far and to tell you to pop across the other side of the world to check in with the other Deb's World.  


Ruth said...

This is such a fun project and I'm always interested to see what you'll choose to illustrate each letter of the month! said...

You look like a natural with that power washing hose. I bet the water comes out of there with some kind of force. Did you feel like a fireman?

You make painting sound easy. I am really really wanting to paint (or have painted) our baseboards. Haven't painted in sometime but used to touch up my little house where the girls grew up quite regularly. I think YOU have inspired me to look into doing this myself.

How has Rachel managed her feeding her family without a kitchen? I remember when my sister had her kitchen renovated. She cooked and washed dishes in the bathroom!! And the process of updating her kitchen seem to drag on forever. I know Rachel will be glad to have a kitchen again.

Deb's World said...

Snap! We've both done the APRIL prompt for our WBOYC posts Deb :) Don't you just love the serendipity as well as our Deb's World name of our blogs?? Your videos always show a fun snapshot of your month and is such a fun way to do it. I do hope your daughter gets her kitchen soon, that must be a dreadful situation, except she can always go to mum's I suppose! Thanks for joining us for this month's linkup, I always like seeing what the 'other' Deb's World is up to on the other side of the world!

Michelle at said...

Sounds like a lovely month! I had to laugh about you adding you needing to add your name to the list of suspects in The Last Party. And now I want to read that book. I hope your daughter gets her kitchen soon! #wboyc

Women Living Well After 50 said...

Hi Deb thanks for joining us for WBOYC and I enjoyed your interpretation of using APRIL to write your post. I hope your daughter gets her kitchen soon it must be so inconvenient for her. I look forward to you joining us next month and reading what you have been up to in May x

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

I was thinking of trying my hand with a power washer, will give it a go! Another busy month Deb. Now we can hopefully enjoy some better weather!

Patio Postcards said...

I like your 1 sec a day reel, always good fun. What a fun way to recap your month, using the letters of the month.

Barbara Eads said...

What a productive month for you!! It's nice knowing that you can enjoy your patio without chores making you feel guilty. I love your 1 second montage. I need to learn how to do that.

Susanne said...

Love the format of this very informative post. You'll be glad you accomplished all those indoor chores when the sunny days of May arrive.