Monday 24 July 2023

Me on Monday

 This Monday's post comes with help from a small black miniature dachshund.  She is so used to her 'mummy' working from home on her computer, the minute she saw me at the keyboard she demanded to settle in on my lap.  She is now resting her head on my wrist as I type so this could be slow progress!

So we are half way through our unexpected house guest's stay and I suspect that Coco has a calendar hidden somewhere, ticking off the days until she goes home!  She isn't really any trouble except she is desperate to be friends with Coco and Coco just wants to be an 'only child'.  Weirdly, she doesn't like going for walks whereas Coco loves two long walks a day so she does get some space away from her!

Last week there was a fun meet up with some lovely ladies that I used to work with, a day with Olive and a return to Zumba so it was a nice sociable return from our holidays. It was so good to get back to dancing again, it's such a happy way to spend an hour.

We have been watching the BBC drama The Sixth Commandment which kept us both enthralled.  The fact that it is based on a true story makes it even more chilling.  Timothy Spall is absolutely brilliant and Anne Reid is, as you would expect, excellent in her role.  I haven't seen Eanna Hardwick in anything else but he was totally believable as the awful Ben, taking advantage of lonely, susceptible elderly people.  

This week sees us taking turns to go out as I'm not confident about leaving the two dogs on their own.  It's Max's 4th birthday on Tuesday and although we won't be seeing him then, we will be at his party on Saturday.  He caught Olive's sick bug yesterday so I really hope he's feeling better by tomorrow.  I'm meeting up for lunch with my author friend on Thursday after my Zumba class.  She is in the process of the final editing on her current book so no doubt we will be discussing likely storylines for the next one!

The weather has been awful since our return from Sicily, I can't believe that just over a week ago I was sweltering in the heat and desperate to find a bit of shade.  Thank goodness we are not there this week when the temperatures are predicted to be over 40c.  I'm hoping that our wet weather is just a blip and that the dry, warm weather will return after this week.  Note that I said 'warm' not blisteringly hot - there are some crazy weather conditions going on over in Europe.

Have a good week!


Patio Postcards said...

Your unexpected houseguest looks adorable, but oh poor Coco. Sounds like you had a very pleasant social week upon your return home. I'm sure eventually we'll get The Sixth Commandment over here, so I'll keep an eye out for it. Hopefully Max is feeling better to enjoy the start of all his birthday celebrations.

Ruth said...

Drat, Blogger just ate my original comment!

How lovely to have that cute pup curl up on your lap! Tilly would be siding with Coco, as she has no truck with puppies/younger dogs at all (possibly because she thinks she is human ...)

I haven't seen TSC yet, although my hairdresser recommended it last week! It's on my catch-up list. :)

I do hope Max is feeling better by now.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

Your house guest is adorable. Our boys would definitely be on Coco's side as no one gets cuddle from dad except them!

It looks like you've had and are going to have a busy week. Enjoy your time with your author friend and do let us know the title of her new book.

The Sixth Commandment is in my to watch list but I keep putting it off. Maybe I should just take the plunge.

Have a great week.

Barbara Eads said...

I was so excited about the recommendation of The Sixth Commandment as I love British shows. Unfortunately, we are unable to get it here. We might get it, but always long after you have it there. I guess it's okay because I am at least two years behind on Call the Midwife! Sounds like things are back to normal after your Sicily trip. Same here. But I have to admit, there's a bit of depression that goes along with getting back to real life!