Friday 28 July 2023

#WBOYC in July


OK, we have another short (in letters) month this month, but a few more things on the calendar


Just one night of dog-sitting Daisy was on the calendar and then she suddenly came into season which meant her dog-sitter could not have her to stay while our daughter and family went on holiday.  She loves Coco but the feeling isn't reciprocated, so its not been a relaxing time!


Unfit - back to Zumba I go after a long break.  I wasn't allowed to exercise for 4 weeks after my operation and then I went on holiday.  By then I'd run out of excuses so back I went!  But having such a long break meant I really enjoyed being able to get back.  You would think all the walking I did in Sicily would have kept me fit - but no!


Looking forward to lots of cake (and children) at Max's birthday party tomorrow - those four years has flown by!

Lunch with ex-work colleagues makes me realise how lucky I was to work with such lovely ladies and how good it is to keep in touch. Two get togethers this month - we all had much news to share!


Yes to all the gelato in Sicily, not to mention the fish, the cappuccino, Prosecco by the pool and the caprese salads!  We thoroughly enjoyed our week there and returned just before the heatwave hit that area.  Cefalu was a really interesting town.  The cathedral there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

So let’s see how the month has looked so far, 1 Second Everyday!

Enough of me - click on the link and let's head over to the other side of the world and see how things are in the other Deb's World!


retirementreflections said...

Thank you so much for linking up with us. For some unknown reason, I cam never comment on your posts from my computer, but I can from my phone. The strange and wonderful mysteries of the blogosphere. I'm envious of all that gorgeous food in Sicily!

Joanne said...

Sicily looks amazing! I bet it was just wonderful. Congrats for getting back into a workout routine of sorts. I'm still struggling with that after all the mini vacations we took this summer.

Jo Tracey said...

I'm envious of Sicily - and what great timing to get out before the heatwave hit. Thanks for linking up with us again this month.

Women Living Well After 50 said...

We enjoyed Sicily and you look like you had a wonderful time including the delicious gelato. It's certainly starting to have heatwave conditions on the Mediterranean at the moment. I've not been well and haven't been able to exercise. As someone who enjoys working out and staying fit I am really missing it for my physical and mental health. Thanks for linking up with us and enjoy your August. x

Gail Is This Mutton? said...

Sicily sounded wonderful, I will look into it for next year! You'll soon get your fitness back. I felt the same after missing Pilates for 3 weeks.

Barbara Eads said...

I have never tried Zumba. Considering you have talked about it over the years, I really should check it out. Anything that has kept you consistently going must be fun. You can't say that about most exercising!

Deb's World said...

I always enjoy your take on the month Deb. Sicily looks amazing, so glad you enjoyed your trip. Thanks for joining us