Monday 11 March 2024

Me on Monday 11 March

 Hello! Here we are on yet another Monday. 

When I left you on Friday I was nervous about the craft afternoon. I should not have worried, they were a lovely bunch of ladies and they were very complimentary about my crochet! It turned out I knew three of them, although I hadn’t seen them for about 20 years when our sons all played football together. So we had a lot of mutual friends and quite a few years of catching up to do. 

Friday evening at the Lost in Music concert was wonderful.  So much fun; I knew all the songs and remembered all the words so had a marvellous time singing along!

There was a lot of Earth, Wind and Fire, Gloria Gaynor, Diana Ross - all the classic disco sounds. There was a lot of dancing in the aisles 😊

Now in case you’re wondering about my daughter’s World Book Day costume, she did an amazing job. She ran into town and found a fleece hoody with teddy bear ears on the hood, and a pair of fleece leggings in the same colour greatly reduced in a sale. She popped into Poundland and found a red dog collar, tweaked the ears of the hoody into a more canine shape and used a brown eyeshadow to paint a patch over one eye. Apparently Rosie couldn’t believe her eyes when she came into class, not only was the secret reader her mum, but she was dressed as the dog in the story!

This is my birthday week, and on my birthday my son is taking me out to lunch. One to one time with your kids when they are grown up is precious and I’m so thrilled that he’s organised it. I feel very blessed.  So this is my last pre-state pension post - Doesn't that make me sound old?  I certainly don't feel like a pensioner so I'm convincing myself that you are only as old as you feel 😉


Patio Postcards said...

I'm sending early birthday wishes & I know you'll be celebrated in so many ways. And congratulations on achieving the rights & privileges that go with being a senior. Your daughter did well with her dressing the part of the dog in the story - well done her! So are you going back to the crafting group? Sounded like a good time.

Ruth said...

Happy early birthday wishes to you! Well done Rachel on a superb job - do you have a photo to share?

Jennifer said...

Happy birthday week!! I hope you have the best of weeks...a great time with your son and time for special moments with all your favorite people!! Kudos to Rachel for pulling off such a cute costume. I am impressed...and from Poundland no less. I think that would be the equivalent of our Dollar Store (or Dollar Tree) - two stores that would be better called the Dollar and then Some Stores now!!