Monday 4 March 2024

Me on Monday 4 March

 Welcome to the start of a new week.  I've got a nice relaxing day ahead of me, which is well needed as we had all the family here yesterday to celebrate a hundred years of birthdays, and here's a cake to prove it!

I had the same problem with those chocolate numbers that I used to have when using alphabet stickers on scrapbook pages, you never seem to have quite the right ones that you need and have to improvise - with an 'o' in place of a zero in this case!  It was a bit of an early celebration; my son's birthday is tomorrow and mine is a couple of weeks time. 

I'm trying something new on Friday.  A friend of mine is hosting a crafting lunch with a group of people she used to work with, kind of a 'knit and natter', and she has asked me if I'd like to join them.  I was so pleased to be invited but as it is getting closer I'm wondering if my crochet will be up to their standards of crafting!  I'm sure it will be fine.  

Then in the evening I am going to a concert of 70s music with my daughter.  I'm so looking forward to it but what a dilemma, what should I wear?  Ideas will be gratefully received!

Have a good week x 


Patio Postcards said...

What a fun birthday cake. You certainly have all the numbers & letter lined up straight & even, which I struggle with on scrapbooks pages & cakes! Your crocheting skills are top notch, IMO - your current project is beyond even mid-level skill, you have advanced crocheting skill & you'll probably be showing others how to do. I imagine many attending the concert will dress like they did in the 70's, which could be fun. What films were Oscar winners, maybe dress like the Best Actress (col).

Ruth said...

Great looking cake! And yes, your crochet skills are more than up to par for a Knit & Natter session.