Monday 25 March 2024

Me on Monday 24 March


Well we survived our weekend childcare but it’s left me feeling a little like this 

Out of all the cute cuddly toys that Max has, this bright blue sloth is the one he likes to take to bed!  I wonder if it's because it has lovely long arms and legs to cuddle you with?  Both children behaved very well, Olive asked 'where is mummy?' from time to time but considering she is only two she was 

happy to just know she was going to see her the following day.  Mummy and Daddy crammed a lot into their night and days away and they both said how lovely it was to have time together as a couple.

So Monday finds me recharged after a quiet Sunday and hopefully my delayed lunch with Jon will happen on Thursday - fingers crossed!  Of course the week ends with the start of Easter weekend not to mention bringing the clocks forward on Sunday.  We have been invited to Jon's for Easter Sunday lunch and I suspect there may be a few Easter eggs received by all the children.

The bright sunny weather at the weekend wickedly tricked me into thinking it was time to cast aside my winter wardrobe, only to discover while walking Coco that the sun was masking a powerful wind with a chilly bite to it.  But the good thing is that I went through my chest of drawers to rediscover warmer weather clothes and was ruthless in getting rid of a few things that have either not been worn for a year or so or which have really seen better days.  I was prompted by one of those photo memories that Facebook like to send you every day.  This one in particular was from eight years ago and I am wearing a new Boden t-shirt.  I then came across it in the drawer, eight years older, quite faded and a little out of shape (a bit like me 😉). I had received three new tops for my birthday so was determined to remove and recycle at least three old ones.  Mission accomplished, plus when the weather does get warmer I have a very neat and tidy drawer to go to.

Today we have someone coming to repoint our patio paving - by the time warmer weather returns properly we shall at least have a tidy and refreshed patio on which to enjoy al fresco lunches.  Then of course the big post winter garden tidy up begins, that should keep us busy!  


Patio Postcards said...

Cute blue Sloth friend (col). Lots to look forward to this week. I too have a lunch date this week! I like your style of decluttering; 3 in, 3 out. I'm just hoping that the next forecasted snow storm for Easter weekend passes by & not add to the snow on the ground.

Ruth said...

That is a very cute sloth and I'm glad your daughter and son-in-law were appreciative of your help and support.

Spring so far has certainly been a mixed bag of weather!

Barbara Eads said...

I'm glad your sleepover went so well. But if you are like me---the children can be as good as gold--but they still wear you out!! I have to admit, I do miss those days when we had "littles."

Jennifer said...

So glad you had such fun...and that mom and dad were able to get away as well. A win all the way around:) That bright sunshine has tricked more than a few of us - myself included. More than once I find myself thinking, "Why did I not bring a jacket...or even a coat?!" Hope your Easter weekend ahead includes a chocolate egg or two even for the grown-ups!:)

Aviator said...
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