Saturday 30 March 2024

What's been on your calendar in March?


Now I may be biased, because March is my birthday month, but I think it may be one of my favourite months!  The days get longer, the sun rises earlier and sets later, splashes of colour appear in the garden tempting us with the thought that spring isn't too far away.  So, let's join in with Australian Deb Here and see what was on my calendar this month!


My birthday!  I know I already mentioned it but this birthday is a significant one - I am now eligible for my State Pension! Not to mention my free bus pass. After all those years of paying into the system I can now get something back ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


Altering the clocks to move forward an hour always takes a little while to get used to.  It takes me a while to stop thinking what the time would really be if we weren't on British Summer Time!  


Rachel arranged tickets for us to have a girly night out to see a 'Lost in Music' concert at a theatre in a nearby town.  It was so much fun, we sang and we danced all night! All the 70s disco classics, I was still singing them when we got home.


Childcare increased this month when our son and his wife had a couple of days away.  I had wondered how it would go as we hadn't had both their children here for a sleepover before but it went surprisingly well. I certainly slept well the day after, oh to have the energy of 4 and 2 year olds!


Healthier eating resumed as I only had three meals out. However, with Easter at the end of the month I have to confess to probably consuming more chocolate than can be considered healthy!

Here I am enjoying my belated lunch with Jon. Tucking into the most delicious pasta dish, radiatorre pasta in a tomato, mascarpone and chilli sauce. Accompanied by a nice glass of vinho verde ๐Ÿ˜‹ One to one time with your children when they are grown up is very special and I am so lucky to have time with both mine this month.

So just about time to share a brief roundup video, one second everyday


Barbara Eads said...

So much to say here--I hope I can remember it all!
1. I had no idea you were from Australia! Following you all these years, I thought you lived in England!!
2. My daughter and son-in-law would get along perfectly with Rachel. They love '70's music. When they are here at the pool, they wear me out with it!
3. Eating healthy is always at the top of my list, but is often de-railed.
4. I always love your "one-second" recaps. I don't know how to do that--nor can I seem to get a video on my blog.

Patio Postcards said...

You did indeed have a good March. Lots of time with family & friends.

Ruth said...

Definitely a good March for you - and brave of you to wear a white top when out for a pasta lunch!

Jennifer said...

I have a birthday this month and just yesterday told my (grown) son that I would like an afternoon out - just the two of us - for my birthday!!:) I'm looking forward to it already! Glad your lunch finally worked out. And I have to admit, once the time changes, I find myself repeatedly "well...last week this time, it was __________" Good grief, Jennifer. Keep up with the time(s).(:

Women Living Well After 50 said...

Hello Deb, what a lovely March you had and thank for you sharing with us at #WBOYC? I hope you had a relaxing Easter and that April has started well for you. x

Deb's World said...

Hi Deb, wishing you a very happy birthday and yes to being tired after looking after little ones.It's always fun to read what you've been up to. Our clocks go back this weekend and it takes me ages to get used to it too. Thanks for joining up with us for #WBOYC and enjoy spring.