Wednesday 19 May 2010

Coursework Deadlines

Working in a school office means that I have heard many reasons/excuses why students are late handing work in. Local buses are littered with coursework left behind, dogs up and down the county are at the vets having paper removed from them where they have started to chew on projects. Parents are busy safeguarding their home computer by installing passwords and then not telling the rest of the family the code they need to use to get on the computer to access their work. The number of memory sticks that wipe themselves clean - accidentally! There is definitely the need to research why printers break down the night before a coursework deadline. And someone really needs to invent a coffee cup that does not spill hot liquid over projects.
So I need to find a really good original thought for Mel as to why there are still two blank pages in my mini book. I have no dog, our only pets are koi carp in the garden pond and I'm not sure how I could implicate them into a story .... So, with that in mind, I am going to use my day off happily finishing off, adding glitter and colour and trying to find a way to photograph this project.
In the meantime, I thought I would share this video, don't be put off by the first 60 seconds, if you watch it through I'm sure you will be amazed!


Maria Ontiveros said...

Okay - for some odd reason this really reminded me of the spider over at Amy's place!!! LOL! My all about me project is done, but I need to get off my rear and photograph it tomorrow.

Sian said...

Yes, I need to get my photos done too. For some reason I've found this a hard project to finish off. It's coming together, but slowly.

I found some school books at a bus stop outside school not that long ago and handed them into the office! That's my public duty done for a while now I think

humel said...

I'd love to hear any excuse you come up with, Deb - but remember that I'm a teacher so it would have to be *very* original to be new to me, and *very* good to pass muster! ;-)

I was suitably amazed by the video. Oh to be even a tenth as strong and flexible as that! xx

humel said...

PS Just remembered the best excuse ever for not being able to get to school. 'There was a bear outside the front door.' Used (truthfully) by my dad's then step-grandson in Alaska!

Jennifer Grace said...

Hee Hee, I think I've used a few of those homework excuses in my time!

Those girls are just freaky! My daughter watched the clip with me and now she's trying to do roly polies! (she's 2!)

I have just tagged you in a blog game of Q&A, check it out here:

Miss Smith said...

The best excuses are the ones that are so long and involved you end up grudgingly admiring it. I love excuses like that!

Still got to get a move on with my project (and haven't quite got to the end of my NSD one yet - brilliant day though!)

Amy said...

Oh I wish! ;-)

And, I'm quite perplexed at how this relates to the spider of death at my place???lol!

Project is done but the blog post not quite ....