Sunday 30 May 2010

Madonna was right

Remember that song of Maddona's that starts off with a clock ticking then 'time goes by - so slowly. time goes by - so slowly,so slowly'
Well I'm ready to go, so if 4pm would just hurry and get here that would be very much appreciated, thank you. I've packed and then repacked my bag twice, considered taking out some of my husband's t shirts from his bag in an attempt to smuggle another book in, made lunch and eaten lunch. He's mowed front and back lawns and is currently watching England play Japan in a 'friendly' football match. Wish I'd booked an earlier flight now!
My daughter rang and asked me to check their return flights for this evening and then finished the conversation with 'right, I'd better go and do my last bit of sunbathing' The thought of being on that sun terrace on a sun lounger with a good book and nothing more to think about other than which restaurant to book for dinner is very appealing. I want to be there. NOW!
Time for a cup of tea I think!


scrappyjacky said...

Funny how that happens.....and sadly in reverse as well!!!

Maria Ontiveros said...

The England-Japan friendly was too early for us today, but we enjoyed the U.S. victory over Turkey yesterday.
Have a great trip,