Tuesday 11 May 2010

A Good Talking To

You know when a friend has your best interests at heart when they tell you something, or comment on something you have - or haven't - done, that really is for your own good even though you don't want to hear it.
It happened to me twice yesterday and as I am a firm believer of 'things happen in threes' it can only be a matter of time before it happens again.
It was weigh in night at my Rosemary Conley class last night. I've been going for about 18 months now. I reached my target weight months ago and am now just 'maintaining' which in my mind is harder because you feel like you are entitled to treats and easily stray off the straight and narrow. Two weeks ago, our talk was on snacks, the kind of things you can pick up and eat when that sugar dip happens about 4pm and your hand migrates to the biscuit barrel/cake tin/crisp packet/maltesers snack pack (delete as appropriate) The thing is I heard all these lovely ideas and instead of having them instead of my normal snack, I had them AS WELL AS. So it's weigh in time. I reach the front of the queue. 'How do you think you have done?' asks Audrey. 'Well... I went out for a meal yesterday, ate cake, drank champagne ... but I've been good the rest of the time.' Hmmm so how come the scales went up 2lbs then? She didn't actually say anything, she just gave me THAT look. The stern look with the raised eyebrows. The hint of disappointment in her frown. It was for my own good though as I realised that those pounds have been going on one week and off the next but I need to give myself a good talking to and get back on the straight and narrow before I head off to Portugal at the end of the month. So now I have put it out in cyberspace I feel that I have to follow through and be good. Grilled bacon and tomato for breakfast just now. Chicken sandwich for lunch and pork and pepper kebab with rice for dinner tonight. And no extra snacks. Not even the gingerbread man I've been getting from the school canteen mid morning. Nor the iced finger bun. Honest.
Secondly. I had a telling off from Denise. Not a proper telling off, just a strict email asking 'so why isn't your name on this list then?' with a reference to Mel's blog. You see I had been meaning to do it but you know how it is. I've never done anything like that before and I'm not sure how I will get on left to my own devices but as I had a feeling that my name was going to end up on there even if Denise had to hack into my account and do it for me! And actually, now I've joined up, I'm quite excited so it really was for my own good again.
OK. Who's next? Who wants to tell me off for something else?!


Denise said...

oops - I really really wasn't meaning to be strict honest,It was meant to be like the one you sent me for Rinda's,just a gentle - come and play too nudge...glad we are playing along though xxxx

Sian said...

Well, I'm glad you've joined up too :) Not that I've made a start on mine yet. Sorry, I'm in a good mood today and can't think of anything to nag you about!

scrappyjacky said...

Fraid I can't think of anything to nag you about either....especially as I decided not to join Mel...as I was certain I'd never get it done in time!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Hm...can't think of anything right now...sounds like you've had your share this week. :o) So glad that you will be playing along on the project with us!

humel said...

lol! Denise did my nagging for me, I'd have been on your case about the All About Me project otherwise.... ;-) But as she got in first, I've got nothing left to nag you about! xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

I'm in no position to tell anybody off these days!
But glad you're playing along,

Jools said...

I've recently signed up to Rosemary Conley. Seems to be such a great diet and do-able.

Nothing to nag you about but I may be blaming you this week as I've now signed up for the All About Me project!

Rachel Brett said...

Nope... *pausing to think* Can't think of anything!