Wednesday 4 March 2020

Currently - March 2020

I saw the idea for 'Currently' on Leslie's blog although I believe she, in turn, got the idea from Ann in her Anne in residence blog so would like to share with you the things that I am doing 

Currently ...

For March the suggestions are borrowing, feeling, fixing, hearing and recommending


As you know, my children are all grown up (33 and 30) and we are now enjoying time having their children come to visit.  We kept back a few of their favourite toys over the years but on the whole have donated or recycled all the others.  We have been so fortunate that our neighbour opposite and a lady I used to work with think of us when they are going through toys their children have grown out of and have lent us so many toys and garden play equipment that we have a very well equipped 'creche' at our house!


Hopeful that spring is just around the corner, the weather has been wet and windy and it really impacts on your mood.  Today it is cold, but bright and dry, the snowdrops and daffodils are either in flower or about to open and I hope that we may have many days like this to come.


My wardrobe.  Not the actual wardrobe itself, but what is inside it!  I didn't buy many clothes last year and feel that it has taken me a couple of years to sort out the kind of wardrobe of clothes I need for this life of early retirement with occasional days of childminding.  I'm gradually weeding out all the clothes I haven't worn in the last year and those which I have worn so much they are looking tatty or no longer in style.  I have probably given to charity shops or discarded (depending on the state of the clothes!) about half my wardrobe, it is looking decidedly depleted!


Podcasts last thing at night, although I rarely get to the end of an episode before falling asleep and often wake up wondering why my ear feels odd before realising I am still wearing my headphones!  


We were scrolling through the films on BT vision and Netflix one Saturday a couple of weeks ago - how can there be so much choice and we still can't find one we like the sound of?  We came across Green Book which Paul thought he may have heard was good so we clicked on 'play' and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Turns out it is based on a true story, which made it even more interesting!

Are you going to join in?  What are you currently borrowing, feeling, fixing, hearing and recommending?


Patio Postcards said...

I too am longing for spring & give a little sigh of envy that you have snowdrops & daffs blooming already. I'm at least a month from that. I need a serious shop for my wardrobe, but I'm truly finished with the wardrobe purge, still way to many white blouses, which speak to my previous clinic life/job

Ruth said...

I saw Green Book on a flight to NYC last year - loved it!
Good that you have access to toys for childminding duties - recycle and reuse.
Our daffs are out here and i can feel myself smile when I look at them - surely Spring isn't far away ... says she, as the rain pours down outside.
Ah, the contents of my wardrobe ... it is need of a visit from Marie Kondo!
I hear of podcasts I think I'd like to listen to, but I never seem to get around to them, probably because I am such a fan of the radio. said...

Hello, my dear friend! Thank you for the mention. I am glad you did Currently!! Kind of fun, huh? Sometimes I have to really think out of the box to find something that satisfies the prompt.

You are fortunate to have had friends donate toys for your grands to enjoy at your house. That is one thing I have worried about with the kids living near now. Of course, they can bring toys over but I like to have toys here for them, too. And we have the pool and hot tub!

Great minds...I am cleaning my closet this week. Haven't tossed as many clothes as I thought I might. And I usually keep all of my clothes for all seasons in my closet at once. Thinking I will stash/store my heavy sweaters until next fall. Need to be sure I don't gain my weight back because I am giving away my chubby clothes.

We enjoyed Green Book very much. And recently, Little Women. Hope you will give it a try.

alexa said...

That's a lovely snapshot of how life is right now :). Clearing wardrobes - oh, there's a task! I did mine in the autumn but will be having another 'letting go' of a few winter things very soon - though as I am on a no-buying-of-clothes year (over half-way through), there will be space that doesn't get filled. I'm more lending that borrowing at present - books and toys from here are heading to my little grand-daughter and hoping they come back at some point!