Saturday 21 March 2020

Days in with a dog

Well it's all very strange here and I have to say that it isn't a bad time to be a dog.

I've been thinking about how all these new regimes are going to affect me ...

and - speaking as a dog, it isn't all bad.  From what I understand the humans are not going to be going out for a while.  What a result!  They go out far too often for my liking.  No more being escorted to my bed in the kitchen, door closed and them disappearing for hours on end.  Me, in charge of the whole house, on my own - too much responsibility for one small Cavapoo.  

I can still message my friends using the filters on Snapdog

And I am happy to hear that the pet shop where my food comes from does home delivery.  I thought it was a bit odd when my humans came home with an early supply of my food the other day even though I hadn't completely run out.  I mean, does it matter if I eat the last of the kibble?  I can always have human food, chicken, pasta, rice, eggs ... 

Oh wait a minute though, I heard one of my humans say that she couldn't believe that the shops had completely run out of chicken, pasta, rice, eggs ... well done humans on making sure I have my next month's supply of food in the garage!  Talking of food, my lady human came back from the shops yesterday in a state of high excitement - "I've got some fresh vegetables!" Honestly you would have thought she'd won the lottery.  I was very disappointed to see it was just broccoli, carrots, sweet potato, aubergine and courgette - none of which are appealing to me.

Now another positive thing about all this social distancing malarky is that you can still take your dog out for a walk.  In fact it's encouraged!  Result!  I see me having many more than normal trips over the park.  They may want to rent me out to people who don't have a dog and want an excuse to get out in the fresh air.  And the weather report for next week is dry and sunny - pass me my lead, I'm ready whenever you are.

I don't like to criticise but she's looking a bit scruffy, that lady human.  Something about not being able to go to the hairdressers next week as planned.  Well that's her own fault for going to the wrong hairdressers.  She should come to mine, 90 minutes of pure pampering.  Warm soapy all over bath, gentle blow dry, trim and spritz down with eau de toilette.  Regular treats and I lose count at how often they tell me what a good girl I am and how beautiful I look.  You don't get that were she goes I can tell you.

I even get a new bandana every time I go!

If anyone is looking for an excuse to get out in the fresh air, I am available for walkies any time of day.

Coco x


Patio Postcards said...

Coco thank you so much for that update on your daily life & I would take you up on the offer of a daily walk, but alas there's this big pond between us. Enjoy the new normal for the next several weeks - just remember it will end & life will go back to that other normal of you having the house to yourself. xx

Ruth said...

Hi Coco! If only you could have a walk with my Miss Tilly, as I am sure you would become great friends.
Take care of your pet humans!
PS: you do indeed look beautiful.

Deb's World said...

A lovely post from Coco, showing how good it is to be a dog at the moment!

alexa said...

Coco, you have quite raised a huge smile here - what a very clever dog you are! And thank-you for the kind offer of a lead to put in my hand but you're a little far away for me - though I'd love to meet you sometime, and I wouldn't even mind if your brought your human with you, however 'scruffy' you think she looks :). said...

Coco, I have missed you!! Please be gentle with your humans, especially your lady human as I have grown quite fond of her and know that she means only the very best for - your early bag for food so that you don't run out mid-crisis.

We are all a bit bedraggled I am afraid and can't sport a bandana with the polish you do. So be gentle. Nail salons and beauty salons are still open here but I feel quite frivolous about spending money on that when I don't NEED to right now. My hair and nails might indicate otherwise, though.

Stay well, sweet pup. Hope you will come 'round again soon to let us know how it goes in your corner of the world.