Wednesday 4 March 2020

'Ta Dah' in February

Quite a few of the events that happened in February did not really lend themselves to being added to my 'Ta Dah' list even though they took up a lot of time this month.  So I'm going to start with the happy things that were achieved.


I finished knitting the bonding squares for the NICU at the hospital where Max was born.

I have now sent them four hats, one cardigan and three bonding squares.  I'm going to hang up my knitting needles for a little while now!


You can tell I'm scraping the barrel now when I share this next photo

Over ten years ago we went to Tunisia for a holiday and I brought back a belly dancing coin skirt.  'You'll never wear that' said Paul.  Well this month I can say 'ta dah!' I've worn it!  And in public too.  Well, not out in the street obviously, but at my Zumba class.  The teacher has a stock of coin skirts that she hands out for the 'Bollywood' tracks that we dance to but this week I was able to join the ranks of people who wear their own.  I'd almost forgotten I had it, but discovered it lurking in a box of scarves at the back of the wardrobe when I was looking for something else - obviously I didn't believe I'd ever wear it either!


The final 'ta dah' really is something finally done, not something I particularly wanted to do but it was something that had to be done.  We said farewell to Paul's mum.  At the age of 93 she had lived a long, eventful life and we were determined that her funeral would be full of memories rather than sadness.  Everyone commented on how well it went and what happy memories of her it brought back so it feels worthy of inclusion in this post. I had been dreading it, I worried about Paul - all the arrangements falling to him as her only child, I worried about our children - losing their last grandparent, I worried about Leo - trying to explain the concept of death to him (needn't have worried about that one, he was very accepting of it and we have made sure we still talk about her in front of him so he realises there is no stigma around it) and I'll be honest, I worried about me.  Supporting everyone else while coping with the memories and emotions of losing my own parents.  But - we did it and I think we did her proud.

What 'Ta dah!' moments did you have last month?


Patio Postcards said...

All those are certainly ta dah moments. I like your belly dancing wrap, it makes me smile. I saw a news story recently where they are teaching a form of belly dancing to seniors & oh my the smiles on all their faces was incredible.

My only ta dah moment for February was finishing an assignment that I struggled with. I'm going to look for more ta dah moments in March or make a few happen.

Ruth said...

I can't actually think of a ta-dah moment of my own during February ... let's hope march is more productive in that department.

You were right to include your MiL's funeral in your ta-dah moments - it sounds as though she was honoured in a beautiful and meaningful way. x

Cheri said...

I am so happy for you that your MiL's funeral went so well it could be featured in your ta-dah moments! I was extremely disappointed with the turn-out and how my own mother's celebration of life ceremony went - but that is what happens when you have no part in the planning.

My ta-dah moment for February was deciding to create my own legal consulting business - and filing the paperwork with the state and binding professional liability coverage.

Cathy said...

So sorry for your loss. She sounds like a wonderful lady and it sounds like you did her proud.

I've never heard of a bonding square before. They are so pretty though. said...

Knowing you, and Paul, I am certain your mum-in-law's service was a perfect celebration of her long life. Hadn't thought about how Leo would take her death. We had to introduce Lucia to death when she had just turned 3 and her kitty Doughnut died. She still talks about "DD" all the time.

The little hats for the babies in NICU are treasures. Brennyn has a friend/fellow nurse who makes hats and wings and outfits for their NICU babies. They take photos of the babies in their hats or little outfits and print them for the parents. You are so thoughtful to make these precious keepsakes.

alexa said...

Your post is full of kindness and thoughtfulness (and I notice you put yourself last in the worry list) ... Such a lovely contribution to your local hospital, and a wonderful celebration in your family of a life well-lived. I'm glad to read you still went to Zumba in your coin-skirt (you look fabulous!) and hope that the weeks ahead give you a chance to enjoy good things and look after yourself too.