Friday 20 March 2020

No excuses now

This enforced extra time at home has got to have a positive aspect to it - hasn't it?  I mean, I normally spend a fair bit of time indoors at home anyway, but that's my choice, being told I should limit the time I leave the house just seems different.  So I have to fill the hours in a constructive way so that when this is all over, we have something else to add to my 'ta dah!' lists.

I could do more baking.  But that uses up precious ingredients and will I be able to restock my flour, eggs, sugar ... I have enough in my cupboard for normal times, but these are far from normal times!  Also, we do have to consider the impact of more baking on my waistline!

Especially as all exercise classes are closed.  I had my last Zumba class yesterday.  My daughter gave me a quizzical look when I said I was going but it is a very large hall, and the majority of my class are over 70 and wouldn't be going so I knew there'd be plenty of room to spread out.  Doors and windows open, it felt less of a risk than queueing up in the supermarket.  Sure enough, out of a class of 40 or more, only 10 of us were there.  Even with just two in a row we only took up half the hall.  Oh how I enjoy those dance sessions.  They really lift your spirits and it is so good for us to keep active.  But the instructor has set up a private Facebook page for us and will be posting a live class once a week for us to join in with.  It won't be the same doing it in the lounge with the dog watching but it is better than nothing!

Coco is oblivious to the fact that she may be getting longer, more frequent dog walks as we have a legitimate excuse to get outside and into the fresh air.  I suspect gardening activities are going to increase too once the weather improves, but in the meantime ...

Decorating.  Our bedroom.  That job we've been talking about and not doing for the last couple of years.  The time has come.  No excuses!  We will be popping out to the local Homebase later this morning, before they have time to close 'non essential' shops.  Paint, lining paper, masking tape - all on the shopping list.  We're going a bit darker this time, and it's clearly a colour that I'm liking at the moment because look how the sample looks next to a t shirt I bought at the weekend!  

Photo does not show colour well, it's actually more blue than this would lead you to believe!

Are you going to be using these extraordinary times to get things that you have been putting on the back burner done?


Ruth said...

As well as a spot of homeschooling (heaven help us!), we have a list of things to do - tidy up the garden, paint the shed, replace the broken window locks, read, scrapbook, play Cluedo ... I think these next few weeks and months will seriously test some relationships.

Patio Postcards said...

I'm like you Deb, extra treats would certainly feel emotionally good, but oh the waistline is already screaming for mercy. That is fantastic that your Zumba classes can be shared online, so it becomes part of your new routine. I agree with Ruth's comment, this social distancing is a test of relationships. Mr Man & I have been practicing for this for ever - we are often in the house together, apart, for most of the day - introverts now get to lead to show a nation, no the world, how this is done (col).

alexa said...

Good to hear you have projects on the go and something to show when subsequent generations ask you "What did you do in the Great Pandemic of 2020, Grandma?" Up here, we are adjusting to not going out to the shops, and being creative and frugal with the food we have! said...

Today I am catching up on blog reading after being Internet free for about a week in Kentucky with mom. Tomorrow I want to do some little fun projects I have put off doing. Not sure why I put them off. But I do. Scrapbooking, Bible journaling, etc.

I bought cake and cookie mixes at the store when I got home. Thought I would bake, too, but with the gym closed that is not a wise way to spend my time. Ha!

Like the gray very much. I know the room will be lovely.

Cheri said...

Love the gray for the walls - we did that last Fall/Winter - almost the entire first floor and all three bedrooms upstairs repainted, several managed to be a bluish shade of gray and I'm in love with it!

Me? My county, along with several others in Pennsylvania, is on mandatory stay-at-home orders until at least April 6 - and we've been under various work-from-home/voluntary stay-at-home orders since March 12. And here I am trying to get a fledgling business off the ground in the midst of the chaos. I don't know that I'll even have time for other "projects".