Friday 5 June 2020


It's time to link up with Anne who organises the 'Currently' series of blog posts where we document what we are currently doing each month.  This month's categories are

Discussing - so much in the news to discuss.  As if the pandemic were not enough to worry about, the awful news of the death of George Floyd has been the topic that everyone is talking about.  It has brought the subject of racism to the forefront of everyone's minds and makes us realise just how important it is that we teach children from a very young age that every single person that they meet in their lives should be treated equally.

Craving - face to face get togethers with family and friends.  We have tentatively started to see our children and their families, in accordance with the new rules - 6' apart at all times, only in the open air and they can only come inside to use the loo! But we have yet to expand this to friends.  I need to be confident that those I mix with have been taking lockdown as seriously as I have!  Zoom gatherings are great, but definitely not the same as being in the same place together.  And hugs - it is SO hard to keep 6' away from our grandchildren when all I really want to do is give them 3 months worth of cuddles!

Buying - food.  If you look at my credit card bill you will see I have been buying very little other than food.  And I'm also interested to see just how much I am spending on food too! I am tempted by the many email links to clothing sales that are going on, but I'm not a great online shopper even in normal times, I like to go into the shops, feel the fabrics, try things on and browse the rails myself.  I have bought a dress and am currently waiting for a delivery of another one and a t shirt which I hope will be keepers {mainly because I don't fancy having to queue at the Post Office to send them back if they don't fit or I don't like them!}

Feeling - slightly overweight!  Those Corona Calories have turned into Corona Kilos.  All that baking I've been doing has not done me any favours.  I thought the extra dog walks might have compensated but apparently not ... the carb consumption has to reduce.  And it has to reduce NOW.

Wearing - well if I'd written this last week it would have been summer dresses and flip flops.  But the good old British weather has done what it does best and done a complete turnaround so at the moment I am wearing jersey harem pants and a sweater.  Let's hope it changes back again soon! Looks like it is a case of layering clothes so we're covered for every eventuality - normal British summer behaviour!

Are you going to join in?  Do pop over to Anne's to see what other people are currently doing in this very unusual moment in time.


Patio Postcards said...

I think many of us are in the category of Corona Calories turning to Coronvirus Kilos. I hope we get to see you modelling your new dress.

Ruth said...

I'm back in cropped skinny jeans and a cashmere sweater today - it feels like Autumn in West London today!
I had a chuckle about the Corona Kilos - in our house, we call them Covid Kilos and The Brainy One has managed to acquire a few!
Yes to hugging loved ones very soon! These last few months have really made me realise just how tactile I am.
The majority of my spending has also been on food, with a little clothes shopping for me and The Boy Child on the side - nothing needed to be sent back, thankfully.

Maggie said...

I have had to go outside a couple of times this morning and it’s definitely coat weather! I have had a couple of social distancing walks and served tea to one friend in the back garden. It would be too cold for such antics today

Susanne said...

Well, I love the idea of summer dresses, but my weight gain is prohibiting that. I am sure none of mine will fit. Thankfully my jean capris are more forgiving. I have managed to plateau and will be getting back to walking to see I if can take it back off. Just this week I have sorted through my flip flops and gotten rid of a few of the old faves that were too well worn, and have ordered some more substantial sandals and flat to replace them.