Sunday 7 June 2020

It's all about the rules

It seems like new rules and regulations are in the news every day at the moment, so that seemed to be a good place to start with gathering photos for Mary-Lou's Scavenger Hunt (details here)

So here a couple of contenders for prompt number seven - Something that displays a rule

The ice cream van has been doing a roaring trade around here, one day he drove down our road THREE times!  Thank goodness for contactless payment and paying by phone ensuring that the 2 metre rule can be followed at all times.

Then on Wednesday we noticed this on our walk around Saffron Walden

I've never seen this one before but it's a good one to display isn't it?  I don't like it when cars do not switch off their engine when they are queuing in traffic, it just seems like unnecessary pollution and it would appear that the local council agree with me!  My car automatically cuts out when I am stationary in traffic and I wonder if one day all cars will be the same.  

So that is the first photo prompt ticked off, and I now have my list printed out so I can keep it in my handbag - are you joining in too?  


Ruth said...

I think Covid-related signs will be a popular choice this year. I've not seen the 'I'm breathing' sign before, but I like it.

Patio Postcards said...

Great finds. I think if we look we'll find all kinds of things that display rules or instructions. Our car also cuts out automatically if stopped.

♥ Liz ♥ said...

A Covid - 19 sign will probably be my choice too as school is full of them. I like the one about breathing. I've not seen that one before.

alexa said...

You are off to a great start ... Good to be reminded that we need to keep car fumes down to a minimum. I was always very conscious of them when my children were at the pushchair stage, and I am sure traffic is worse now.

Barbara Eads said...

The ice cream man comes through out neighborhood regularly now. That's how I know the neighborhood is turning over. For a long tine, it's just been us old folks!! said...

We really have relatively little traffic for the size city El Paso is. Thank goodness. Especially with the stay at home restrictions!! Had never thought of switching my car off in traffic, though. Good idea. We have rented some cars that seem to idle very low, almost turning off completely, when we stop for any length of time. I always hold my breath thinking we are having engine trouble!!

Fun to see the ice cream man is even partaking in social distancing.