Monday 15 June 2020


When I worked at the school, one of my jobs was to let the girls know when they had been given a detention for uniform infringements or wearing too much make up or jewellery - they had to have five reported incidents to justify being given detention and often they would come to reception to let me know that 'it isn't fair ...' It would have been tempting to say to them that life sometimes isn't fair, rules are rules, and we just have to accept it.  

But this week I think I need to give myself that same advice.  

Because it isn't fair that 

single grandparents can hug their grandchildren from this weekend, but we can't
they can meet up with their family indoors so aren't reliant on good weather, but we can't
teachers can spend time with our grandchildren indoors, but we can't
we should be going on holiday to Portugal on Tuesday, but we can't

Yes, it's felt hard this weekend - we are trying so hard to stick to the rules, doing what we are supposed to be doing, keeping our distance, staying home.  It just feels like it's been going on so long.  And when the rules are relaxed it seems to be for other people not us!  It's not fair!  We are still following our rules and then the news shows people crowded on a beach or reports of trouble breaking out at parties.  Parties?  Where are they in the rules?

But ... 

I did go into a supermarket this week, and chose my own food off the shelves rather than ordering online and doing click and collect.  There was hardly any queue and I hadn't really gone for food (I was only picking up a parcel from John Lewis originally!) yet once in, somehow I ended up with a bill for £80 - oops!  It was just so nice to browse.

We also had friends over for drinks in the evening on Saturday.  I spent a long time arranging and rearranging garden furniture before they arrived to make sure we all kept a safe 6 feet apart distance.  I cleaned the downstairs loo thoroughly, put in new towels and opened a designated guest hand-soap dispenser, just in case they needed to go (they didn't, but at least I've got a sparkly scrupulously clean toilet now!) It was a gloriously hot sunny evening and it was just so lovely to see them face to face rather than on a zoom chat.

Leo came over for the morning on Sunday, he was bored at home and I suggested that I walk to theirs and he could walk back home with me so long as he kept to the rules and we didn't hold hands.  He was so happy sitting in the garden with us, looking at books he'd forgotten we had, checking under all the pots for creepy crawlies and practising hitting a foam ball with a tennis racquet.  All too soon his Dad came to collect him but it was a lovely morning.

This afternoon we have some friends coming round for a cup of tea in the garden, there's a freshly baked lemon drizzle cake waiting, so we are seeing people and doing things but it's very hard to see other nannies walking down the road holding hands with their grandchildren and if Leo mentions it to me, I will have to agree that it really doesn't seem fair!

The garden is still flourishing, and I have two contenders for item 8 - a leaf longer than your hand

I debated about publishing this post, as it started off a bit negative and sounded like I was whinging,  but decided that I needed to truthfully record how I have felt as lockdown has progressed, and this weekend I really did feel like a year 10 girl who has been caught hitching her skirt up too high, drawing in her eyebrows too dark, wearing lots of lippy, wearing dangly earrings and chewing gum in class - it really wasn't fair!


Ruth said...

I'm with you, dear friend. My morning began with me crying while I cleaned my teeth - I was so overwhelmed at the thought of another week of homeschooling.

We saw the family at the weekend and it was hard not to hug and kiss everyone, especially our great nephews. Some of the rules are definitely unfair, but I'm trying to remember that some people have been on their own for 12 weeks or more.

I keep telling myself that surely we are on the downward slope with Covid-19, but I'm really not so sure.

Patio Postcards said...

Not a whine was heard & I am glad you checked in with us because I think many are feeling a combo of miffed & sad about the rules & yet observing many others not following. One of my dearest & closest friend is annoyed with me when I would not meet her indoors or at close range ... she's not been keeping with the rules & has remained a bit of a social butterfly. My thought was if we are too close I'm visiting with all the other people she has visited with & who knows what or where they have been up to!

Life is certainly not playing a fair game at the moment. It makes you wonder who gets a gold star at the end of this?

♥ Liz ♥ said...

No sign of any lippy or rolled up skirts seen from here 😂
I'm totally with you. It isn't fair. How is it OK for the "Party Central" neighbours to have yet another birthday party and have at least another 4 households all together in their garden yet we can't go to see our grandson and give him a hug?
I have to stay on the positive side and tell myself those hugs will be so worth it when we can 🤗

alexa said...

Right with you Deb. It does feel bitterly unfair, especially after all this time. I cannot understand the logic of opening shops etc. but not allowing close family members to visit/stay with each other. The economy seems to matter more than anything else; yes, I know it's important, but human relationships are more so. Other countries allowed family bubbles to develop first before opening up on a wider social level, which seems sensible to me. But don't get me started ...! said...

Oh, my dear friend, isn't this just maddening? We had begun bending the rules a little and then our restrictions eased a bit, too. Right now 10 people can gather, even when they are not from the same household but they have to keep their distances. I have been wearing a mask to babysit Cia and Cami but this coming week, I will go maskless to their house. Wearing a mask everywhere else still, though. I would think you guys can begin to ease up things too. I know you have taken this very seriously and followed all the precautions but, at least for us, it is time to be able to embrace our babies and loved ones.