Wednesday 31 March 2021

Winter Photo Hunt - the finale

I've mentioned before that I'm taking part in the Winter Photo Hunt that I first saw on Marie-Lou's blog and is organised by Eileen.  Thanks to both ladies for giving me a fun project to do over the winter months.  Slightly more challenging this year by being in lockdown but in some ways that's made it even more fun!

I've already shared some of my finds here and here but I still have the last ones to share so, with a fanfare may I present to you the last photos.

And that, as they say, is a wrap!  I really enjoy these photo scavenger hunts.  I'm hoping there will be another Summertime one this year.  Watch this space!


Eileen T said...

Well that's a different take on 'opening' - love it!

I'm glad you had fun and thanks for joining in. The linky is up on my blog now if you want to add a link to this post.

Patio Postcards said...

You had some great finds. #3=oh yum. #11 Measures is my favourite - I laughed & laughed.

And on to SPSH.

Susanne said...

Kudos on the opening photo! You are my kind of gal.

irune said...

Lovely photos!

Ruth said...

Haha, love the measures and the opening images! :) said...

Oh, the dreaded scale. I have been avoiding it at all costs but got on the bandwagon with Weight Watchers the last couple of weeks, and I am happy that the scale has been kinder!!

Your photos are lovely. They would be the kinds of images I would upload/download for blog posts. The sweet roll and tea, with Coco's picture in the background. The photo for 'peek inside' is really pretty. Simple reflection of the prompt.

So sad that my blog is such a mess. I hope things get fixed so that I can add my last photos for the scavenger hunt. Enjoyed participating in it. Like you, I found it to be a very pleasant diversion when I needed one most.